The Polario Features

Through the numerous features of our Event & Community platform, you optimize the experience of people and the management of your projects.

In this way, you improve communication among each other and ensure a clear presentation and distribution of information. At the same time, you enable impressive and sophisticated interactions and simplify the administration in the background.

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Chat & Group Chat

Via the chat feature, you enable simple and fast exchange, directly 1-to-1, as a group chat or even as a video conference.

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Keep people on your platform up to date and share information accurately via the news feature.

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Social Feed

The Social Feed feature centrally bundles topics to inform about them, to encourage and facilitate the exchange among each other.

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The Channels feature enables easy collaboration and quick sharing within the team.

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Reach every person and share a wide variety of content quickly and regardless of location via notifications (with push function)!

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E-mail Communication

Communicate with participants outside of our app platform and easily send emails through our system!

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Help participants find each other and encourage networking, with our matchmaking feature!

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Multi-Channel Communication

With Polario’s multi-channel communication features, ensure that information is communicated consistently across all fronts.

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Live Streams

Include live streams in your projects either by yourself or via different platforms/service providers. With recording function!

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Video Conferencing

Via video conferencing you enable digital exchange via sound and image, sharing of screens and other functions!

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Forms & Questionnaires

With the form feature you can create simple feedback surveys or complex workflows with conditions and many more possibilities!

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The map provides everyone with an optimal overview, coupled with digital hints and info on appealingly highlighted elements.

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Virtual Showfloor

Create your own virtual worlds via Virtual Showfloors, which interactively inform and deeply impress at the same time.

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With surveys and voting you get optimal feedback, which can be collected and read out in real time. With export function!

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Use the Page Feature to create customizable pages that show off the content of your projects in an impressive and appealing way.

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Provide the ideal entry point to your project, via an impressive dashboard, with all relevant content and links.

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Show your event agenda, meetings of an employee app and other appointments in the calendar feature to always be on top of things!

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App Menu

The app menu provides clear and easy access to the most important content. With links, folders, images and more!

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Impressively display your project’s exhibitors and connect relevant content, such as images, documents, and links.

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Refinance your projects and, depending on the level of support, display your sponsors prominently and clearly.

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Static Directories

Present a variety of content with static directories, such as exhibitors, sponsors, contacts or documents.

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Dynamic Directories

In dynamic directories you display variable content, such as profile information, which can be changed by users.

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Bulletin Board

Via the bulletin board feature lists, your app will be dynamically and flexibly enriched with a variety of user generated content.

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Make documents and files, such as presentations on lectures, quickly and easily available for download/direct viewing.

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Help your platform users quickly become familiar with all relevant features through an informative onboarding.

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With Polario’s Location Feature you enable optimal orientation about important locations, rooms, areas and more.

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Content Management System

Use our No Code Content Management System to quickly and accurately customize all platform content according to your needs.

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Rights & Role Management

The rights & role management lets you easily manage the access of people and groups to features of your app platform.

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API & Integration

Use our API for easy automation of processes, integration of specific data or embedding of external tools.

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User import

With the Import feature you save time and improve the data quality of the profiles of your projects.

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Get interesting insights and metrics about the progress of your projects via Analytics and export the results on top!

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Enable easy and fast access to your platform. With login via SAML, oAuth2, or specially created credentials.

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Manage access to app content via groups and thus accurately assign relevant & important topics to the appropriate target groups.

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Media library

With Polario’s intuitive media library feature, you have access to all relevant employee and event files, from anywhere!

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Account management

With the account management you keep the overview, create new users, edit existing profiles and much more!

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Layout & Design

Help your company / event to be visually unique. Easy adaptation to your CI thanks to Polario’s design features.

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Make your platform multilingual and provide content in any language. The content can be translated on demand into 15 different languages via AI and displayed immediately.

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Open your platform via our accessible features and functions to any person and enable optimal handling!

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Tags allow you to easily organize and sort content for you and the users:inside your platform.

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Admin Area

With the admin area of Polario you keep your content in check! An effective and fast solution for reviewing and editing.

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