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Digitize your events and enable a flexible and impressive hybrid event for yourself, your virtual and presence participants!

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The best of two worlds

Hybrid events combine all the advantages of face-to-face and virtual events. Use the endless potential and enrich your live events with Polario and its variety of digital developments. Digital interaction content is ideally complemented to elements of your live event and go hand in hand. With Polario, attendees are informed with content to help people learn more about your event.

Also, use hybrid events to map your event simultaneously within one app. Live lectures can be simultaneously recorded as a live stream and consumed in the virtual venue. Create a high level of flexibility with hybrid events by customizing Polario to meet requirements. Be it a 1:1 meeting, an all-hands meeting with 50 people or a conference with 500 people. Polario will create a unique event for you.

One platform, endless potential

Polario Streaming and Video Conferencing Module

The core of Polario are our live streaming and videoconferencing modules. Speakers, experts, panels and moderators act on one stage and are streamed for virtual attendees.

Interaction possibilities in Polario

Create numerous interaction possibilitiesfor your hybrid event with Polario and thus pick up virtual as well as presence participants. Build in Q&As, polling, group sharing through virtual breakouts in small groups and group chats.

Gamification in Polario

Live parts, emotionalizing scenarios, gamification and entertainment elements as well as professional players impressively underline the contents.

Group Chats in Polario

The realization of virtual breakout rooms can be easily achieved by video conferencing. Attendees or exhibitors/sponsors can meet in video group calls.

Social Media Integration in Polario

Social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, can be integrated into Polario to share live impressions in real time. In this way, top highlightsof an event can be viewed in the aftermath of the event.

Video on Demand

For the highlights, presentations and lectures can be recorded and made available as video-on-demand.

Digital Communities

Use the feature set of a hybrid event for the follow-up of your event. Summarize the moments and highlights you experienced vividly in the form of images or videoswith Polario. By doing so, you create a new point of contact between you and the people on your platform and recall the high points once again.

But you don’t have to stop at just a simple summary. Take advantage of the potential of hybrid events and create a digital community with which you can stay in touch via the platform even after your event has ended. This allows you, for example, to gather feedback on previous projects or to solicit suggestions for projects in the future.

In this context in particular, we are currently observing an expansion of events beyond their actual duration. Thus, events do not take place at a fixed time, but over a longer indefinite period. Due to this special circumstance it is possible to realize several short sessions via Polario.

Regularly inform the people on your platform about new offers, services or other exciting topics. Hybrid events give you the opportunity to fully leveragethe effort invested in your event, even after the fact, by creating your own digital community.

Für jeden Notfall eine Lösung - hybride Events von Polario

Prepared for any emergency

Another important factor is safety at events. With hybrid events, Polario also serves as a backup to the live event. If anything doesn’t work on-site that interferes with the live event, their virtual event is still available to you as a digital alternative.

This enables you to quickly switch to a digital event. Particularly in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, this form of planning security has proven essential for our customers.

By integrating digital content and interaction options, you are also well prepared for emergencies or incidents that require immediate action or to meet particularly high requirements for the sustainability of an event. Should exceptional circumstances arise, you can take swift and comprehensive action. Thus, you inform a wide mass of people via Polario about your further course of action and what should be considered because of it.

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Even more flexibility

The app for your hybrid event is a digital and savvy tool. Through it, you are able, for example, to distribute information or changes to any person in real time. Polario thus allows you to create an information channel through which you can flexibly and quickly communicate with your audience. Adjusting your agenda is done in just a few clicks and updates on a situation or the further course of events are communicated within a few minutes via push notifications.

Even if critical situations should be avoided, it is assuring to know that Polario is able to deliver precise and fast information to all or even special groups of people. Thus, we provide you not only with a comprehensive platform for events & communities, but at the same time with a flexible helper that enables and expands your scope of action.

More flexibility with Polario

More Use Cases

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