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Modern employee communication for blue collar companies with Polario | using the OTLG employee App as an example.

OTLG or Volkswagen Original Teile Logistik GmbH & Co. KG (OTLG) is one of the largest subsidiaries of Volkswagen AG with the task of supplying several thousand service partners with the correct parts, sometimes on a daily basis With such a mammoth task, it’s no wonder that communicating with all employees, at least without the OTLG employee app, is definitely a difficult task. Especially since the workforce of about 2,900 is spread across 12 sites.

But this is exactly the kind of task for which we at plazz AG have developed our new product – Polario. That is why we are particularly proud to work with OTLG, one of our first partners. We are thankful, that the OTLG has placed great trust in plazz’s technical know-how. This partnership will help all parties involved to gain experience with our new software solution.

Improved internal communication thanks to Polario

Polario has solved typical problems in internal communication. Even if the employees carry out all or part of their work from home or from co-working spaces. With Polario, employees can be provided with targeted information that is particularly important for their line of work and their location. Even if the employees carry out all or part of their work from home or from co-working spaces.

Unlike typical methods of notifying employees, such as intranets and circulars, Polario does not require access to PCs owned by the company. Instead, Polario can be accessed from stationary and mobile devices.

This is particularly useful in production-related or workshop-like environments, such as those found at OTLG. Access is even possible from the employee’s private smartphone, which naturally improves the interaction rate and the bond with the company. This approach becomes particularly successful when the company creates incentives, such as OTLG, for the use of Polario.

OTLG & Polario – a strong partnership

OTlG Head Quarters

During the development of Polario and the Polario based OTLG Employee App, special attention was given to promoting collaboration. That’s why the app includes features typically found in social networks, such as chat, group chat, comment and like functions. And in the future, more interactive and innovative functions of this kind will find their way into our solution.

Objective and future vision

With Polario we want to be the engine driving innovation and communication in your company forward. It is especially important to us to improve our product through feedback and suggestions from our customers. By working together with OTLG, we were able to further optimize Polario and adapt it to our customers’ needs. Which helps customers who use Polario to be even more attractive to future employees.

If you are interested in Polario, why not take a free “test drive”. No credit card or other bank account is required for registration of a trial account.

Polario Trial-Version


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