Quick and easy to your app, thanks to a No-Code CMS!

With Polario’s content management system you can create your own app at any time, with just a few clicks and customize it according to your requirements.

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No-Code Content Management System

Learning a programming language is as complex and time-consuming as learning a foreign language. No-code & low-code solutions provide quick help without requiring in-depth knowledge of programming. With its No-Code Content Management System, Polario pursues the idea of managing a technically complex platform in the same way as we know it today from creating and maintaining websites.

For example, you can simply drag and drop the content of your app where you want it or customize it as you like with just a few clicks. The dependency on IT staff is also history thanks to the Polario CMS, as really any person can quickly find their way around. Learn more about our technical foundations in our blog post!

One CMS with limitless possibilities

With Polario you do not need more than one CMS account and the knowledge of what should be created or changed. For example, you can change colors later or reposition buttons. The advantage, all your changes are played out in 3 different systems (Web App, iOS App, Android App). Thus, with our low-code solution, you achieve the best possible user experiencefor the target group on each platform.

Using the content management system, you can easily create workflows to automate and digitize your processes. Processes can be, for example, online registrations, booking workshops or making appointments. Thanks to the modular building block, you can adapt these and many other scenarios or develop them together.

Most of our features can take data from external tools or provide data for other platforms. So you can easily integrate existing services into your app via the CMS. Learn more on our API & Integration page.

Advantages of a No-Code CMS

Higher productivity

Apps can be created within hours/days as no code needs to be written/compiled via our CMS, for example.

Effective governance

o No-code platforms help to quickly implement and comply with frequently changing regulations and legal frameworks.

Business agility

Create cross-platform apps that work on multiple systems (iOS, Android, Web App).

Reduced costs

Save on variable and fixed costs for tools and personnel that are incurred in complex development processes

More Use Cases

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