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Forms are a premium feature in Polario and a powerful tool to realize a variety of different functions. Primarily, forms can be created quickly and easily. These forms are then stored in the CMS via a deep link to be available at various places in the app. In terms of design, forms can also be customized in a variety of ways.

The configuration of possible workflows (actions) for further handling results in almost limitless use cases in addition to the extensive adaptation of the actual form. An example of this would be the automatic sending of an email from a contact form, to the appropriate person.

In the CMS, you receive an overview of the form data submitted. Depending on the configuration, this is either person-related or anonymized.

When creating a form, you can also divide it into different pages. For example, a first info page and then a page for entering the actual data. Elements such as text fields, numbers, checkboxes and buttons can be added to the form simply by drag & drop.

Once placed, these individual elements can then be configured individually. Thus, it is possible to set the width of the fields or the font size, to make it a mandatory field or to link the content to display conditions.

A very interesting and also important example of forms is the realization of a whistleblower system, which must be provided by just about every company. You can read more about this in our blog post.

Forms Feature

Application Examples

Feedback surveys for events

Requesting leave in the company

Realization of a whistleblower system

Contact form with automaticnotification

Sick leave notification via the employee app

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