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The App Menu feature in Polario is the hub of navigation. This gives your app users a quick overview and easy access to the most important content.

Polario offers you a wide range of options for building or designing your app menu. You can add various modules to your navigation, such as social feed, calendar, file storage and news, which will give your app users quick access to the most important content.

Likewise, there are modules such as Image, Dividing element, Folder and Spacing, which help you create a clear app structure in your navigation. For example, you create a “Team” folder in the navigation of your employee app. You can then add the necessary navigation points to it using drag and drop.

You can also set each item in your app menu to be visible only on a specific platform or on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, web app). You can also specify whether the menu item is only relevant for a certain group of people. With these capabilities, you can give each of your app users the best possible access to the most relevant content.

Elements such as dividing line, spacing and image are visible on mobile devices because a burger menu is used here. A header menu is used on desktop and tablet. When designing your menu items, you can also decide whether to add icons as visual support in addition to the name. As with any Polario feature, you can make quick adjustments or remove content from the App Menu.

Features - App Menu

Quick Facts

For more overview in the app navigation

Easy access to group content from online communities

Folder structures for departments in an employee app

Information on exhibitors, sponsors and more in an event app

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