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Innovations and progress play an important role in the automotive sector. In addition to the further development of technologies in the automotive industry, digital transformation is also an area that should not be neglected.

Automotive App

Automotive apps in action

As plazz AG, we have already driven digitization via app for a wide range of use cases at a few companies in the automotive industry. Well-known examples of this are Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen. From corporate events to dealer trainings to employee apps, we have been able to successfully implement every project across the spectrum.

Many of the events in the last two years took place entirely as a virtual event or even as a hybrid event due to the pandemic. Since the app is available for iOS, Android, and as a web app, anyone can easily participate. This gained flexibility is especially appreciated by dealers, suppliers, and employees from different countries, as they can easily and quickly participate virtually.

With the Group-wide introduction of the Volkswagen Global Event App, Volkswagen achieved significant KPI inprovements.

Planning and implementation in the run-up to events was significantly streamlined. The intuitive CMS enabled departments to take over parts of the event organization directly and autonomously.

The interaction of guest management & registration solution, paperless event check-in and interactive event app in one tool are a simple and very positive user experience for the organizers from the departments as well as for the guests of an event.

Last but not least, with the VW Global Event App solution we were able to underline the importance of digitalization in the group and also serve innovative topics such as geofence as a digital accompaniment for test drives.

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Martin Hofmann

CIO - Volkswagen AG

Automotive Events

The Digital Transformation of Automotive Events

We have already gained a lot of experience in the event context. The events were either hybrid, virtual or live. Classic event formats are, for example, exhibitions, meetings, or conferences. A great example of a hybrid congress in the automotive industry is the IfA Industry Summit. Last year, this still took place via our mobile event app.

Many internal corporate events are also realized via an event app. These include, for example, management meetings, events for individual departments, or even “company festivals” where future topics are discussed with all employees over several days or weeks.

The presentation of new vehicles is important for car manufacturers to their dealers. Here the dealers receive all important information about the vehicles and can test them. All dealers worldwide are invited to these events. An event app can be a useful and easy companion. For example, divide the dealers into groups and assign them their time slots for testing. Similarly, using an app makes it easier to provide information in the dealer’s language.

Automotive Communities

Digitalization of communication in the automotive industry

Due to the digital transformation of the automotive industry, not only events offer enormous potential, but also digital communities. After all, communication with one another is also crucial to the success of a company.

One example of digital communities via app can be recurring dealer training. In this way, all important information is centrally bundled. Beyond the dealer trainings, dealers can exchange information with each other via chat and stay in touch with the trainers.

Equally important is smooth and direct communication. A company or employee app is ideal for this purpose. A great example of using an employee app in the automotive industry is the OTLG employee app. For example, employees can be informed quickly and easily about important news, and feedback can be obtained quickly.

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