The Employee App:
A game changer for employee communication

Mobile, flexible and easy to use. With the Polario Employee App you can finally reach all your employees and optimize communication within your company.

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Keep your employees always up to date with an employee app

The search for contacts has never been so easy

The Polario employee directory simplifies contact with colleagues. It helps employees find the right contact person quickly and easily. In addition, the directory can be synchronized with other systems, such as Active Directory.

The endless search for important documents has come to an end

The document feature of Polario allows your employees to access important documents and files at any time and from anywhere. Whether it’s forms or other documents, your employees can download them quickly and easily.

Never miss news again

With Polario’s news feature, your employees are always up to date. Sharing company news reaches the entire staff via the employee app. Important news and messages will no longer be missed – no matter from where and at what time you work. The simple and accessible platform keeps them informed and up to date.

Advantages Of An Employee App

Strengthens the exchange among each other

Significantly improved accessibility and reach

Perfect for home & mobile office

High usage rates, especially among non-desk personnel

Reaching all employees is now even easier and faster

Whether mobile via native apps for iOS and Android or on the web via any current browser, with your employee app you can easily reach your employees on the channels they use most often. The design remains the same on every device.

Until then, we had only been able to contact the individual branches via e-mail and telephone; there was no talk of networking the entire employees. With our employee app, this is no longer a problem.

Launching an employee app has never been easier

Low implementation effort

Introducing an employee app via Polario does not require any change to your existing IT infrastructure. This can be seen as an add-on, which will gradually replace old systems in the long term.

Placement of content according to your wishes

Thanks to Polario's modular system, a wide range of content and functions can be easily placed according to your ideas. And you don't need any programming knowledge for that.

Possibility of individual customization

API interfaces to all relevant systems enable you to implement comprehensive in-house developments in your employee platform or to integrate other systems into it.

Promote modern internal communication with your employee app

Communication with others is now even easier

With the Polario Employee App you provide your employees with a variety of communication options, such as chats (1-to-1 or group chat) and channels (open or private).

Active exchange of your employees has never been so easy

Your employees can easily exchange information on various topics via the social feed. As you know it from Facebook, you can also like and comment on posts here.

Never again miss valuable feedback from your employees

The form feature of Polario can be used in many ways. In addition to simple feedback surveys or employee surveys, complex forms such as a whistleblower system can also be implemented.

With Polario as an employee app, we are able to distribute information quickly and reach all employees simultaneously.

foto - christina kröhnert - otlg

Christina Kröhnert

Marketing / Communication, Volkswagen Original Teile Logistik GmbH & Co. KG

With Polario as an employee app, we are able to distribute information quickly and reach all employees simultaneously.

foto - christina kröhnert - otlg

Christina Kröhnert

Marketing / Communication, Volkswagen Original Teile Logistik GmbH & Co. KG

6 good reasons for an employee app

Cheaper than expected

Achieve a lot with a manageable budget - app does not mean expensive. Companies do not necessarily have to dig deep into their pockets to create their own employee app. With building block providers, so-called No Code Saas solutions such as Polario, companies can obtain their own mobile app using ready-made building blocks at low cost, including maintenance and service.

An analogy to the prefabricated house comparison is quite appropriate. You profit from the proven, but still remain individual and do not necessarily have to book your own architect and craftsmen.

Be on the pulse of time

Also important for employer branding - how modern am I as an employer? In order to retain employees in the long term and to be successful and innovative in the long term, a sense of belonging, employee motivation and transparent communication are essential. By giving your employees a voice, involving them in processes and providing them with a secure platform for feedback, you can do just that.

Fast & effective approach

By sending so-called push messages, all people receive relevant information directly on their display. Push messages not only inform, they also encourage interaction with the company app.

Branding and innovation image

With an employee platform in your corporate design, you not only create trust within the workforce, but also significantly influence the identification with your company.

Through the "we have an app" effect, companies strengthen their brand and gain prestige. Employees need help with an IT problem? With the mobile app, they can easily and conveniently submit a support request and immediately send a photo of the error message. But also virtual consultation hours, whether with the works council, company doctor or the HR department.

Individual trimming

Company-specific realizations such as working time recording, whistleblower system or further training measures can be implemented easily. An integration/adaptation of already existing IT systems, tools or HR processes is common. With our development team in Erfurt, we integrate these services directly into the employee app and seamlessly adapt to the internal structures of your company.

Killer Device Smartphone & Smartphone Users

Reach everyone with real-time communication. The problems of and with e-mails are now well known (spam filters, too many mails, etc.) more and more e-mails are becoming a thing of the past.

With an employee platform, companies can reach their entire workforce easily, purposefully and in real time. Individual and group chats enable a direct exchange with managers or colleagues. Via the intuitive newsfeed, companies/departments, managers distribute relevant information to all employees in a targeted manner - regardless of location and language. This saves time and costs.

In normal operation, the solution is used as an employee app, when events are scheduled, it is used as an event app for internal and external events, and in the case of a crisis, it becomes a crisis app. Even this list could be extended by other areas of application of the solution depending on the company and size, such as onboarding app for new employees, apprentice app for the apprentices and many more.

A good employee app is prepared for any situation. In regular operation, it informs and connects all employees with the company. In the event of a crisis, this app is already installed on the smartphones of the employees and is then simply used as a crisis communication platform in the company. In hectic times, a familiar system is a great relief for the editorial team, but also for the users.

This is exactly what distinguishes such a solution from traditional approaches of an intranet or even Slack, Teams and Co.


What is an employee app?

An employee app serves as a platform for internal communication within the company, with a focus on mobility to be accessible anywhere. The ability to install the app on private mobile devices reduces the barrier to entry for internal communications within the company. In this way, all employees have the same opportunities to communicate and get in touch with each other. Features such as push messages, news and chat make the employee app particularly dynamic and contribute significantly to the corporate culture.

Can existing systems be integrated into the employee app?

Clearly, yes. Using our API, existing systems can be easily integrated into the employee app.

What about data protection?

We give the highest priority to any form of personal data. Connections are encrypted via SSL. We also take measures that ensure a permanent level of protection in accordance with the GDPR. Our security standards include a SAML login, a CMS with two-factor authentication, and more.

Learn more about our compliance!

What's the best way to go about finding the right employee app for your business?

To choose the right employee app, it is helpful to define your requirements for the app beforehand. Here, it is useful if you organize the various requirements into topics. Four major topic areas would be:

    • Feature set: What functions and features are offered to solve the problem why a mobile app should be introduced.
    • Data protection & data security: These topics are not only of high legal importance, but also socially. So pay attention to what security policies are in place for passwords, audits performed, and certifications.
    • Handling: Here you should make sure that the frontend and backend are easy to handle, so that your editors can easily fill the employee platform with content and your employees can easily consume it.
    • Flexibility: Can the colors be changed? How much can the layout be customized? Can modifications and proprietary developments be made?

Want to know more about what requirements an employee app needs? Read our article on requirements for an employee app!

What is the cost of an employee app?

Depending on the scope of your employee app, costs may vary. From 590,- Euro per month you can start with us with your employee app. Contact our sales team to learn more about the other pricing models as well as test Polario as an employee app in a demo version.

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