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Chat & Group Chat

The chat feature enables simple and fast exchange among each other. This is done e.g. 1-to-1 or also 1-to-many, as a group chat for several people.

The feature is also perfect for communication with the support or organizer. For this purpose, 1-to-1 as well as group chats can be used.

Send different media with the chat feature, such as photos, videos, documents and more.

Via video calls, single individuals or even several people can exchange information directly and personally with each other. This turns a group chat into a video conference in an instant.

The messages in the chat are provided with timestamps and a status such as “read”.

Furthermore, chat messages are also sent as push messages, which can be found in an overview under notifications.

The chat works on a platform level and is therefore project-wide. People receive chat messages from all projects they have joined.

Chat & Group Chat Feature

Application Examples

Chat for people at events

Staff chat for branches/the whole company

Direct contact to support for events & communities

For online meetings of groups/departments

Fast exchange of documents, e.g. for the sales department

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