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The document feature of Polario allows you to quickly and easily provide documents and files, such as presentations, for download to your app users. This can make your app a central hub for current information and documents.

With Polario, files can be provided in various ways. For example, through a document overview in the menu or through special widgets for documents that can be embedded on pages or in news articles. These widgets give you the ability to provide individual documents and file folders for people in the app to download further information.

Through the document overview, your app users can access, search, filter and download all important documents at any time, individually or compressed as a zip folder.

Polario Feature Documents
Document & File Folder Widget

Document feature

Application Examples

Provision of documents for collaboration in teams via the employee app

Provide new employees with important onboarding documents

Documents from exhibitors can be stored in the exhibitor profile of an event app

Inclusion of files on pages or in news to complement topics

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