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With the bulletin board feature you enable users to create and edit lists with their own content. The basis for this are static directories, where the bulletin board is a template.

The big difference to a regular directory is that the entries can be added via the frontend, i.e. by the user themself. Otherwise, this is only possible via the CMS with appropriate authorization.

The bulletin board feature is perfect for employee apps or communities as search/offer lists, such as for selling items, carpooling or apartment hunting. Through the entries of the users, the directory grows by itself. A variety of design options are available to customize the list visually and in terms of content.

The bulletin board can be accessed from anywhere, as the app is available on all commonly used iOS and Android devices, as well as a web app in the browser. Direct contact with the entry creator can be configured. Internal links allow linking anywhere in the app, such as in menus, on pages, in news, on maps and more.

The list contents in the bulletin board feature can be inserted using various fields. These are for example text, single/multiple choice, image upload and many others. The display of the entries can be as a list, grid or card.

The selection of which contents of the entry are displayed is also freely selectable, e.g. title & description in the list entry or only in the entry detail. It is also possible to assign tags to simplify navigation and to sort and filter the list via a wealth of options.

You can find an example of a bulletin board in our blog. There we report on the introduction of such a list, in our employee app, to get to know the city of Erfurt better together.

Bulletin Board Feature

Quick Facts

List that grows by itself through community dynamics

Creation & editing of entries by app users

For search & offer lists, like carpools in employee apps

Extensive customization in layout & design of content

Statische Verzeichnis im CMS erstellen

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