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Polario is a Software as a Service solution that allows you to build and design your app independently very quickly and easily. With our services, we are very happy to support you in the implementation.

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Service & support with impact

The experience gained from working with our long-standing customers has led us to further develop our strengths with Polario. With the establishment of Polario, the accompanying services will also be further sharpened.

To illustrate our promise with Polario, we follow this mission statement with our service:

“Successful projects are not only realized by software, but by the people who operate it.”

In other words, we not only offer you the technical possibilities with Polario, but also support you inthe implementation, use and further developmentof our solution. Likewise, we stand by you as a reliable partner in every phase of your app development.

Our Customer Support Team

There are different ways our Customer Support can help you with your project. First, our team creates help materials such as tutorial videos and help desk articles. Here Customer Support explains how our individual features workand what options you have. One advantage of the help materials is that you can access them at any time and from anywhere to find a solution quickly.

You can decide independently about the intensity of the service. For example, we offer introductory workshops where you get to know the system or a complete onboarding after which you will be able to administrate your application on your own. If you wish, we will accompany you permanently during the implementation of your app. You provide us with the content, which we manage, post and publish for you. If you have any questions, you can also always contact your contact person directly.

You want to learn more about our Customer Support Team? Then read our interview with Team Lead Nicole Sauter!

Software as a Service+

Who doesn’t know it – you have the idea for new content, but in the first step you don’t know how to implement it. As a result, you want to contact the company and ask for assistance. Either you hang in eternal telephone waiting loops until you land with a support employee or you click through forever on the website until you can send a support request.

With Software as a Service+ we offer an excellent service which supports you and your team in building your own app in the best possible way and helps you to implement your use cases. Because we support you to effectively manage and master upcoming challenges. We implement numerous different use cases with our customers. Our Customer Support staff are experts at digging into your use case, articulating your thoughts, showing best practices, and visualizing ideas in the app. This experience enables us to work with you to convincingly open up new areas of application.

The scope of support here can vary. We will be happy to provide you with a personal contact person. This person supports you from the beginning of your project and finds a solution for your application together with you. Likewise, we offer a variety of workshops to introduce you to Polario as well as to show you the possibilities of the platform.

Our services

Polario, thanks to its no-code content management system, is designed to allow you to quickly and easily build and maintain your own event app or community app with content. Even if you are able to manage your project yourself with Polario after a learning phase, our Customer Support will be happy to assist you with words and deeds. We offer a wide range of services for your Polario Event or Polario Community project.

There are only a few differences in the services offered between Polario Events and Polario Community. For example, the 90-minute introductory workshop is included in the basic fee for Polario Community and can be booked as an option for Polario Events. Event and community projects also differ in terms of their timeframe. At Polario Event, implementation is project-based. Thus, the project duration is clearly defined in advance and limited in time. For this reason, these projects usually involve more intensive collaboration than Polario Community projects.


Since a Polario event project usually has to be ready by day X, it is also important to find the best balance between time, budget and quality. Thus, together we create a successful project for you.

There are many ways we can help you with your project. Contact us so we can discuss the best option for you together!

Services in detail

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Overview of all services

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Polario | Project Management

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Polario | Onboarding Package

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Polario | Content-Integration

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