What does Software as a Service+ mean?

SaaS provides you with a complete software from the cloud & the "+" in SaaS+ at Polario stands for the additional service we provide.

Before we explain in this article what the “+” in Software as a Sevice+ means at Polario, let’s first take a look at the general meaning of Software as a Service. We also highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using such software.

What is Software as a Service?

With Software as a Service (SaaS for short), you access the software provided online. So you don’t need to install anything on your computer to use the application. The service provider will provide you with the hardware and software. Thus, you only use the functions of the application. Likewise, you no longer have to worry about deploying, maintaining and updating the software yourself. Because this is also done by the provider of the service. You pay the costs incurred for the use either monthly or annually.

SaaS is a part of cloud computing, which is one of the biggest development fields for enterprises. In the layered model of cloud computing, in addition to Software as a Service, there are two other layers – Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Advantages and risks offered by SaaS solutions

Using a SaaS solution in your company offers a number of advantages. As with any other technology, there are potential risks with SaaS that you should be aware of.

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Cost savings

Costs for the acquisition of software licenses are eliminated, as well as the time and effort for training, because the software is easy to use.

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Collaboration at a distance

With SaaS solutions, all you need is an Internet-enabled device and your access data, so you are not tied to a fixed workstation. Likewise, it enables cross-site collaboration.

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Easy integration of new users

All your new users need to use the software is an Internet-enabled device and the access data. This eliminates the need to install the software on the computer and issue a new license.

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Always Up to Date & Relief for IT

Since the software vendor takes care of maintenance, your IT department no longer has to expend effort to continuously update the software and security patches. Thus, your IT department can take care of other things. Another advantage of this is that you always use the latest version of the software.

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Data security

With SaaS, you obtain the application via the cloud, so you should find out beforehand where the provider stores your data in the cloud. Even if contractually you are promised that your data is protected and the highest level of confidentiality is maintained, you have no control over it if, for example, the secrecy of your data is compromised or a hacker attack occurs.

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Use of incomplete software

With Software as a Service, the software is not developed and sold in the traditional way. Why it is more often the case that the application is made available at too early a stage of development. This means that important features are usually not yet implemented or beta tests have not yet been carried out.


Abolition of the service

When using SaaS, there may be a risk that the provider may become insolvent or have to discontinue its service for other reasons. This has the disadvantage that you cannot continue to use the software used. Also, it may happen that your data is lost, but in most cases you have the possibility to backup your records and documents on other servers or disks.

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Software as a Service works online, which is a great advantage on the one hand, because you can access the software from anywhere. On the other hand, this can also be a disadvantage, since you always need a fast and constant Internet connection.

The meaning of the "+" in SaaS+ at Polario

You now know what SaaS means in general and what advantages you have by using it, but also what risks may exist. But what does the “+” mean when we talk about SaaS+ at Polario?

As with any other SaaS solution, Polario is easy to use. In other words, you alone can quickly and easily design your own app and fill it with content. After a short introduction to our content management system, you can start managing your app. Even if you are able to manage your project yourself through the SaaS idea, our customer support team will be happy to assist you. The support can look very different. For example, we offer to provide you with a personal contact person. This person will assist you with advice and support from the very beginning. Likewise, he can assist you with content creation and maintenance. You can also access a variety of help materials such as tutorial videos and help desk articles, as well as participate in workshops or webinars.

The “+” in SaaS+ basically stands for our excellent service, which we offer you and your team at Polario. We support you to cope with and master upcoming challenges.

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