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The added value
of an event app

Events are hectic and confusing. Some more and others less. This is the experience of event organizers and their audiences. This is where an event app and the platform behind it come in, providing all participants with a kind of digital birds’ eye view of what’s happening, simplifying communication and also enabling exciting opportunities for interaction.

As a guest, you get more overview and information about the program, as well as all other content. At the same time, e.g. via the chat feature, the exchange among each other is promoted. Interactive components, such as live voting and quizzes, invite participation and emphatically increase engagement.

Organizers get more control when they have an event app in place. An example of this is the playout of content to the entire audience. It is also possible to release certain information to specific groups of people. At the same time, it’s possible to build an open channel to and from participants. Easily send push messages about various topics or get valuable feedback via surveys or the social feed.

Popular Features of Event Apps

Chat & Group Chat

Promotes exchange among participants


Fully customizable pages for a wealth of different content

Layout & Design

Customize your event app exactly to the branding of your company or project

Media library

For storing pictures, videos, brochures, presentations and more!

Event Apps - Realization & Features

An immense advantage of Polario is its platform character. Accordingly, all applications and services are controlled via a single CMS. Thus, you manage all content and communicate centrally via our intuitive user interface.

Your events with Polario are available via iOS and Android, as well as a web app. This eliminates most barriers to entry, giving you increased reach. The realization of your event apps can happen live, virtually and hybrid, which guarantees you a maximum degree of flexibility and planning reliability.

Let’s take an international conference as an example of implementation, with speakers and participants from all over the world. On site, you have prepared a location in Berlin with different rooms. In order to find your way around better, the site plan helps each person to find their way optimally.

The agenda informs everyone about the time schedule. Presentations are simultaneously published and recorded as a livestream. The integration of polls enables interactive participation of virtual and presence audience at the same time. You then announce the upcoming break to everyone via push message.

Application areas of an Event App

Live Events

As a digital companion that provides all-embracing information and to promote exchange among each other.
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Fairs & Exhibitions

For more overview and an optimal presentation of exhibitors or sponsors.
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Virtual Events

To bring events into the virtual space with ease and reach a much larger audience.
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Hybrid Events

The best of two worlds, with virtual and in-person audiences, combined in a single event.
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