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Among other things, the calendar feature serves you to inform about appointments. A few examples are the classic agenda of an event, the schedule of meetings in an employee app or a timetable for training and education.

In the app (iOS, Android & Web), an overview of days is displayed in the calendar. Days with appointments behind them are highlightedin colorto make them easier to recognize.

A calendar entry can be filled with various information. In addition to the title, a description and the time of the event, you can also add people who will be speaking at the event. You can also specify the location of the appointment in the calendar feature. Either by direct input or via a field with address search.

In addition, it is possible to add a linkto the entry. If this is not enough, you can add links to the text in the description. These links may refer to both internal and external content.

Once you have created a calendar entry according to your wishes, you can either publish it immediately or schedule it. This way, the appointment will only be visible at the time you have selected. You can also make changes at any time or withdraw the entry to set it back to draft status.

In our content management system, where you manage our features, as well as create calendar entries, you are able to create multiple calendars. This is particularly suitable for different target groups, with different appointments. Thus, you keep an ideal overview and make a clear separation.

The calendar feature can be placed in various locations within your app. Examples would be the app menu, thematically matching pages or your own news articles for the appointment. In addition to linking entire calendars, it is also possible to link individual calendar entries. This way, you retain complete control over how and where your information can be found.

Feature - Calendar

Application Examples

Agenda of an event app

Schedule of an employee app

Team/company events of a company app

timetable for lectures

Conference schedule

Game plan for clubs

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