Top pricing for each use case


For one-time events and project-based contracting.
  • Incl. Introduction workshop 250 Users*
  • All basic features included
  • 4 months duration
  • Live, Virtual, Hybrid
  • API access
From 2,900 /Project


For year-round use of our SaaS solution.
  • Incl. Introduction workshop 250 Users*
  • All basic features included
  • 12 months runtime
  • Incl. introductory workshop
  • API access
From 590 /Month

*Applies to registered users. Additional contingents can be acquired.

The prices of our event and community platform are flexible and adapt to your needs. Contact us and we will create an individual offer tailored to your needs!

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50 GB/project

100 GB/instance

E-mail Communication

Multi-project capability



From € 1,630

100 GB/month included

Video Conferencing

From € 2,750

1,200 minutes/month included

Extended video conferencing



Web app

Container App (Coming Soon)

Custom app



24/7 knowledge base

Service desk

Tutorial videos

90 minutes introduction workshop

€ 280/workshop

Onboarding package

€ 1,290/project

€ 1,290/project

Project management

€ 920/PD

€ 920/PD

Content integration

€ 880/PD

€ 880/PD

Remote academy workshops

€ 940/PD

€ 940/PD

On-site academy Workshop

€ 1,400/PD

€ 1,400/PD

Remote event support

€ 920/PD

€ 920/PD

Remote standby

€ 530/PD

€ 530/PD

On-site support

€ 1,400/PD

€ 1,400/PD



Billing type



Project date

Monthly billing

Platform types


The structure and corresponding pricing of Polario, is based on two components: The setup fee and the usage license. The setup fee depends on which distribution method you choose:

Web app

Your project will be published as a web app by default.


If your project is published as a web app, we will set up the web platform with a name of your choice. The basic modules, such as Calendar and Pages, are already included. During the runtime of your project you will get access to our service desk, as well as helpful documentation and videos. Hosting, maintenance and updates of your web app are also included.

Container app

In addition to the Web App your project will be published in the Polario container app.


Alongside the publication as a web app, your project will also be set up with an iOS and Android app when implemented via the Polario container.

Custom app

Your project will be published to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store through your in-house developer account.


Like the container, we create the iOS, Android and web app for your custom app. In addition, we also take over the publication in the respective stores and set up your web app on the selected custom URL, if available. Your project will be created in the desired design, as well as your corporate identity colors.

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Please note:
A custom app requires you to publish the app via your own developer account for the respective app store. Learn how to open a developer account at Apple and Google here.

Do you have questions about prices or implementation methods?
Do you need consulting or support?
Are you interested in using additional features?

Then contact us!
We will gladly advise you and create a customized offer for you.

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Questions and answers

Polario pricing - FAQ

When does the runtime of my booking start and end?

The runtime of a license begins with the provision of the content management system and thus the potential use by the customer. The runtime ends after the time period agreed upon.

  • Polario Events: 4 months after your project date
  • Polario Community: at the end of the runtime of your license (12 months minimum runtime)

The period of the contract is automatically renewed if it is not cancelled. If you have cancelled the contract, instance and content will be deleted after the expiration of the contract period.

Bei Polario Events gibt es die Möglichkeit die Instanz, nach Ablauf der 4 Monate, in Betrieb zu halten. This option is subject to a charge. Please speak to your contact in the Sales Team about this at an early stage.

When and how can I change my license model?

It is possible to switch from Polario Events to Polario Community at the end of the license term.

The increase of the number of users within an edition is possible at any time. The reduction of the number of users is possible at the selected billing period.

When and how can additional modules be activated and deactivated?

Additional modules can be activated at any time. Invoicing of connected modules takes place at the next billing time.

The duration of the activation corresponds to your selected license period.

Modules can be deactivated at the selected billing time.

Can I change the distribution form afterwards?

The additional booking of native apps in the form of the container or custom app are possible at any time.

When will the invoice be issued?

Polario Events: On project date

Polario Community: monthly or annually

Do I have to pay for updates?

The prices include regular updates of the application within the contract period.

Can I extend my trial version?

To extend your trial, please speak with your sales team contact well in advance.

What happens when I reach my user limit?

If you have more users than expected in your platform, you automatically jump to the next higher license level. There is no technical limitation, so all your subscribers can use the application.

Will my event be accompanied by support?

If you wish, we can accompany your entire project from commissioning to successful implementation. We offer different services before and during the event. Please ask your contact person in the sales team which services are the right ones for you.

Can Polario be used for multiple events?

The application is multi-project capable and can be used for numerous events in parallel and sequentially. By setting visibilities with users, these can be realized so that users only see the events that are unlocked for them.

Can I also realize events with the Community edition?

Edition Community is an all-in-one platform for the realization of communities and events.

Within your community you can realize your own events with your users and also implement external events such as with your customers. If you are creating events with people who have not used the app before, you can purchase additional licenses on a project-by-project basis.

Can digital tools already used in-house be integrated?

In principle, tools can be integrated via our Marketplace. Talk to your contact person about this.

Can I create department-specific exchange platforms?

You can use group structures to set which content the respective target groups can see. This allows you to create specific content and communication units for each target group.

Does your support also assist while the app is in operation?

Top service and customer satisfaction is very important for us. We support our customers in setting up the platform as well as in the ongoing operation. We offer a range of services to support you. Ask your contact person which service suits you best.

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