Digitize your communication with Community App

Whether employees, partners, customers or communities, inspire everyone with your own community app.

Chat of a community app

Features of a community app


Quick publication of news such as announcements or other information

Static Directories

Simple and fast mapping of overviews of departments, employees, and documents

Social Feed

Share text, images, videos or documents, as well as comment and like them


Promotes quick and easy exchange among each other


Overview of a person’s contact details, position and skills, as well as the possibility of networking

One App - Countless Use Cases

With your own community app, communication in your company is smooth and efficient. It allows employees, partners and customers to access and exchange important information anytime and anywhere. Versatile, it can be used as an employee, company or member app, for example.

Implementation & Characteristics

To control all applications and services via Polario, only one CMS is needed. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you can make quick adjustments to your employee app, company app, and community app.

You can make your app available to your workforce, customers, and partners as a web app as well as via iOS and Android. This has the advantage of achieving a high reachbecause there are no barriers to entry.

Let’s say you want to implement an employee app in your company. Use the news feature to quickly distribute new announcements to your employees. Do you have several employees at different locations and have an important news only for your staff at the Leipzig location? Play out this news only to these employees.

By implementing a social feed, you promote the increasingly important bottom-up communication in your company. Because here your employees can share their own contributions with their colleagues as well as get into the exchange.

Customer examples

Bettenrid Employee App

Bettenrid has two branches in addition to the head office. That is why it is important to BETTENRID that there is a transparent and integrated flow of information and communication. The Corona pandemic made centralized communication flow difficult, so a new digital solution was needed – an employee app.

With the creation of a central communication channel, Bettenrid’s employees can receive targeted information. This keeps everyone up to date with the latest knowledge. The Bettenrid employee app also offers new employees simplified onboarding. Information is stored centrally and presented transparently.

Bettenrid München Logo
Customer Use Case

BETTENRID Employee App

Even traditional companies benefit from good employee communication! Learn how Bettenrid uses an employee app from plazz. Learn how Bettenrid uses an employee app from plazz AG.

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OTLG Employee App

OTLG is one of the largest subsidiaries of Volkswagen AG with the task of supplying several thousand service partners with the correct parts every day. With its own employee app, OTLG aims to improve its internal communication. After all, communicating among some 2,500 employees at 12 locations can be a difficult task without an employee app.

For example, with its own employee app, OTLG enables its employees to send in sick certificates and quickly access documents such as hazardous material labels.

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