Employee onboarding: simple, fast & digital with our Onboarding App

With Polario’s onboarding app, you can ensure that new employees receive the best possible support at the start of their employment and quickly find their way in the company.

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Give your new employees a seamless onboarding experience with an onboarding app

By providing your new employees with an Onboarding Plan via the Onboarding App, you enable them to have the best possible Onboarding Journey. Employees know at all times what tasks await them. This allows your new employees to prepare for their new role safely and effectively.

In Polario, you present the Onboarding Plan via the calendar feature and additionally accompany it with an information page. Link calendar entries here for easy access to more information. This enables your employees to better plan their training and prepare for upcoming tasks and deadlines.

With the onboarding app, your new employees not only register for health checks, mandatory instruction or training, but also access additional information on training topics. Create informative pages that give employees a deep understanding of the topic and prepare them for the training ahead. You can provide an overview of the training dates in the calendar.

Additionally, link the appropriate calendar entry to the training on the information page or include an interactive quiz that employees must complete. The onboarding app offers your new employees an interactive way to reinforce what they have learned and to check whether they have understood the training content.

With the onboarding app, your new employees can directly upload important documents such as personnel sheets, certifications or health insurance information. Using Polario’s form feature, you can easily create a form for submitting documents and thus simplify the process for your employees.

In addition, you provide your employees with downloadable documents to be filled out, such as the personnel sheet, via the document storage. This allows your employees to fill in and upload important information at their own speed. These features help you streamline the onboarding process for your employees and save time and effort.

The advantages of an onboarding app

Presentation of the company and working environment

A digital tool is available to new employees even before they start work

All relevant information can be found centrally in one place

Creates & strengthens the commitment of new employees to the company

Provision of contact persons for direct exchange

Relief of personnel department & executives

Reach your new employees everywhere with your onboarding app

By using Polario to create your onboarding app, you benefit from the advantage that it is available on all popular channels. This means that your new employees can use the app via native apps for iOS and Android as well as via any standard browser as a web app. So the app can be used on your preferred channel, while the app design looks the same on any device. This ensures a consistent and user-friendly experience.

Professional Onboarding App without Programming Know-How: Polario Makes it Possible

Simple content placement

Polario is a no-code platform that allows you to design your own onboarding app without any programming. The platform uses a modular building block system that allows you to easily design and place different content and functions in the app. Polario thus offers a simple and user-friendly way to provide your new employees with a professional-looking onboarding app.

Create personalized onboarding content

With Polario’s group feature, you create a personalized onboarding experience for your new employees. By targeting relevant content and training to specific groups, you ensure that your employees receive only the information that is relevant to them. In this way, you can make the onboarding process more efficient and at the same time increase the satisfaction of your employees.

Possibility of individualizations

By using API interfaces, you can design your own onboarding app to communicate seamlessly with other systems. For example, connect your database of employees to your onboarding app to have every member of the workforce automatically in the app from day 1. This also allows you to integrate your own functions and tools into the app, which are specifically tailored to the needs of your company. With this flexibility, you are able to create a customized onboarding experience that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Connect, improve, inform: How the Onboarding App Helps Your Business

With the chat function in the Polario onboarding app, your new employees can easily communicate with their future colleagues, mentors or the HR department. This allows them to ask questions, voice concerns, or just stay in touch.

In addition, the social feed or channels provide a space for new employees to get to know each other and exchange ideas. Here you can share experiences, ask questions and make valuable contacts. This simplifies integration into the company and strengthens the sense of belonging.

Use the form feature in the onboarding app to gather feedback from new employees and gain valuable insights into your onboarding process. By continuously optimizing the onboarding process, you ensure that new employees are successfully integrated into the company and feel comfortable and productive in the long term.

Polario offers a variety of features for your onboarding app to provide your new employees with all relevant company information directly upon joining. Directories make it easy to find contact persons and colleagues, while company news and pages provide quick access to current topics and information about the company and the new position.

Whitepaper: Preboarding & Onboarding

In our white paper, we provide you with simple strategies to help you onboard new employees.

You can look forward to these contents:

  • 4 Preboarding Strategies for Strong Employee Retention
  • 6 strategies for successful onboarding
  • How digital tools can help
Whitepaper Cover Preboarding und Onboarding


What is meant by onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of introducing new employees to a company. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for them to join the company. For this purpose, they are provided with information about the company, its culture and work processes. His functions and responsibilities are also explained to him. A good onboarding program can help new employees find their way into their role faster and better, and help them find their way around the company more easily.

Why is onboarding important?

Onboarding is important because it has a decisive influence on the success of your new employees in the company. Well-designed onboarding helps your new employees settle into their roles more quickly and find their way around the company more easily. By learning about the company, its culture and work processes, and introducing them to their tasks and responsibilities, your new employees will become productive more quickly and do their jobs effectively. In addition, successful onboarding helps your new employees integrate more quickly into the team and feel more comfortable, which in turn can link to higher employee retention and lower turnover.

Why use an onboarding app?

Compared to traditional methods, an onboarding app offers numerous advantages. It enables a flexible and time-independent onboarding of new employees, provides interactive and engaging content, personalizes the onboarding process and tracks the progress of new employees. All this increases the motivation and interest of new employees.

By using an onboarding app, you modernize and improve your onboarding methods, which links to a more productive and satisfied employee team in the long run.

How is data protection handled at Polario?

The protection of personal data is our highest priority. We encrypt all connections via SSL and take measures that ensure a permanent level of protection in accordance with the standards of the GDPR. Our security standards include a SAML login, a CMS with two-factor authentication and other measures.

Learn more about our compliance at Polario!

How much does an onboarding app cost?

Depending on the scope of your onboarding app, costs will vary. With us you start with 590,- Euro per month. Contact our sales team and learn more about the other pricing models. Also, try Polario as an onboarding app in a demo version.

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