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With Polario’s onboarding app, your new employees experience an onboarding experience that is as digital, fast and engaging as they are. This platform goes beyond the usual onboarding and creates an immediate sense of belonging that strengthens commitment and corporate culture from day one.

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Presenting the Onboarding Plan in an Onboarding App

Create inspiring onboarding experiences with your onboarding app

Onboarding & training

Detailed Onboarding Plans and interactive training courses ensure a structured orientation using the Onboarding App. With clearly defined tasks and schedules, your new employees can prepare for their roles with confidence and focus. Complemented by interactive training content and review quizzes, the onboarding journey becomes a seamless and motivating experience that ensures the success of your team members right from the start.

Presenting the Onboarding Plan in an Onboarding App

Simplify the uploading and management of important documents such as personnel forms and certificates with user-friendly forms. At the same time, the app offers direct access to all relevant company information and makes it easier for employees to quickly find contact persons and current topics.

Provision of information via an onboarding app

Encourage networking and a sense of community through our chat function and social feeds, which allow new employees to interact with colleagues and mentors and become part of the company culture.

Promoting exchange and networking with an onboarding app

Use our form feature to collect valuable feedback from new employees. These findings help you to continuously optimize the onboarding process and increase satisfaction and productivity within the company.

Collect feedback on the onboarding process via the onboarding app

Advantages of an onboarding app

Vorteile einer Onboarding App

Preboarding & onboarding: Getting employees on board successfully

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Your onboarding app: Accessible and consistent across all platforms

Use the flexibility of Polario to create your onboarding app that works seamlessly on iOS, Android and via web browsers. Your new employees can use the app on their preferred device, which means they can access important onboarding content from anywhere. This guarantees a consistent and intuitive user experience, regardless of the device used, and supports seamless integration into your company.

Onboarding app with Polario without programming know-how

Simple content placement

Polario is an intuitive no-code platform that allows you to develop a professional onboarding app without the need for programming skills. Use Polario’s modular system to easily integrate and manage content and functions. This ensures a user-friendly creation of an onboarding app that gives your new employees a positive impression right from the start.

With Polario’s group feature, you can tailor content and training courses specifically to the needs of different groups of employees. This ensures that each employee receives only the most relevant information, which not only makes the onboarding process more efficient, but also increases job satisfaction.

Expand the functionality of your onboarding app by integrating it with existing systems via API interfaces. For example, connect your employee database directly to the onboarding app to enable automatic and personalized integration from day one. This flexibility allows you to create a customized onboarding experience that is precisely tailored to the specific requirements and wishes of your company.

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With Polario, you promote a strong corporate culture through improved onboarding.

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What is meant by onboarding?

Onboarding is the process by which new employees are introduced to a company. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for them to join the company. For this purpose, they are provided with information about the company, its culture and work processes. His functions and responsibilities are also explained to him. A good onboarding program can help new talent settle into their role faster and better and find their way around the company more easily.

Compared to traditional methods, an onboarding app offers numerous advantages. It enables a flexible and time-independent introduction of new talent, offers interactive and engaging content, personalizes the onboarding process and tracks the progress of new employees. All of this increases the motivation and interest of the new talent.

By using an onboarding app, you modernize and improve your onboarding methods, which leads to more productive and satisfied employees in the long term.

The protection of personal data is our highest priority. We encrypt all connections via SSL and take measures that ensure a permanent level of protection in accordance with the standards of the GDPR. Our security standards include a SAML login, a CMS with two-factor authentication and other measures.

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Depending on the scope of your onboarding app, costs will vary. With us you start with 590,- Euro per month. Contact our sales team and learn more about the other pricing models. Also, try Polario as an onboarding app in a demo version.