Planning & Realization

We accompany you during the planning and realization of your project.

Learn more about the process and the individual steps of the platform. From conception and planning, to realization, evaluation and further development.

Proper planning

As in many ventures, detailed and careful planning is the be-all and end-all of any successful project. When introducing an event or community app, it is important to consider the following questions:

  • What expectations does one have of the platform?
  • Which goals/requirements must be met as a minimum?

Next, you need to prioritize individual complexes. Determine the most important features and topics that must be realized in any case. From this point of view, you will then work out a kind of system structure for your project. The group structure will then also be divided up there. This is where you determine which content should be visible to which group of people.

Equally important in planning & realization is the rough definition of a time frame. Specify by when the respective parties will deliver certain content and work in buffers to be prepared for possible complications. Setting up trial runs is also recommended.

In short, it is important to clearly identify your ideas and expectations. This is the only way to ensure that your project will be realized accordingly in the end. This process can be carried out completely autonomously by you. However, if you wish, we can also offer you cooperation with our experienced customer support team. Together with our customers and partners, this has already successfully accompanied hundreds of projects.

Proper planning and implementation can be challenging. We are happy to help you!

The realization with Polario

Planning is followed by realization, which at Polario is roughly divided into projects for Polario Events and Polario Community.

However, the deviations are mainly found towards the end of the schedule, as community projects are continuous. Find out how such a process plan of our event and community platform can look like, in the following section.

Polario Events projects are usually limited in length to one or more days and designed for events. Examples are:
Examples are:

Polario Community projects have a permanent character and are designed for communities.
Examples are:

Planning & Realization at a glance

1. Kickoff

  • Communication of required functions/goals to be achieved.
  • Clarification of project start, timing of realization, etc.

2. Project Start

  • Creation of the platform
  • Deployment of the CMS
  • Implementation of first contents

3. Information Phase

  • Engaging with the CMS
  • Providing helpdesk articles, videos, etc.
  • Personal introduction to app & CMS use, if desired.

4. Create Content

  • Content integration into the platform
  • o If desired, also as a service by Customer Support

5. Publishing

6. Comunication Phase

  • Inviting people to use the platform
  • If necessary, also information on handling
  • In case of communities to all persons or step by step to certain groups

7. Project Go-Live

  • Event is carried out
    • If desired, accompanied by customer support (remote/on-site)
  • Continuous maintenance of community platforms

8. Analysis & Feedback

  • Evaluation of the project (access figures, number of guests, etc.)
  • Evaluation of feedback (via voting/audience questions, etc.)
  • Communities
    • Ongoing controlling
    • Adjustment of the platform

Expansion & further development

In the case of successfully realized projects, whether events or communities, one should consider how additional or existing projects could be expanded and extended. This can happen, among other things, by adding previously unused features. Or also through features that are used in a new way.

It is also appropriate to expand the use of the app to other areas. One example would be an employee app that was previously used purely for communication among employees and will be expanded into an information platform in the next step. With event apps, you could think about expanding the event into a digital community. In this way, you can stay in contact with the participants beyond the event.

In addition to the expansion and extension of the platform, one can also think about a possible further development. This means, for example, special extensions or individual developments. This could then be used to link the interfaces of external platforms or internal systems. Learn more on our API & Integration page.

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