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With Polario’s Groups feature, you can easily map the most complex group structures to quickly and easily provide specific app content to a certain target audience.

When creating a group in the CMS via the account management, you have the option to assign the group to a specific project and a group hierarchy. For example, you have a project for your employee communications and a project for a corporate event, create separate group structuresfor both.

The group hierarchy for employee communication could then look as follows, see graphic: “Example group structure of an employee app”. As you can see, you can subdivide the groups very fine-granularly, as it fits best for your use case.

After you create a group, all you need to do is add people to the group to provide them with targeted app content.

Likewise, you still need to set the access rights for your app content in order to assign it to the appropriate target group. Access rights can be set for a variety of app content such as calendars, news, or information pages. You can do this directly for the respective feature, but also for individual menu items. Thus, each target group is provided with relevant and important topics in a targeted manner.

Group Features

Quick Facts

Provide event content such as sponsors or exhibitors.

Map company or association structures for targeted communication

Assignment of different calendars for e.g. departments or events

Broadcast news e.g. to the entire company or only to a specific location

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