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Admin Area

The admin area is an essential feature in managing the content of your app. With the admin area, Polario offers you a section in the frontend where you can directly check content, such as news articles and pages, and adjust the layout if necessary.

Access to the admin area is possible in two places. During the creation of a post, the admin area of the web app can be found via a link in the CMS. Alternatively, there is a button at the end of the menu in the frontend (iOS/Android/Web) to go directly to the admin area. To see the admin area, you need the appropriate permissions to create content in the CMS.

In the admin area, users have an overview of all posts and can select different projects depending on their permissions. The content is divided into post types (News, Pages) and status (Draft, Planned and Published).

Navigation through the admin area is simplified by a search bar, filter and sort function. You can filter by status and choose sorting options (creation date, edit date, alphabetical).

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Admin Area Feature

Quick Facts

Preview News & Pages

Ideal to check layout & visuals

Available in frontend (iOS, Android, Web)

Overview of all content in the app

Filter & search function

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