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Create an ideal introduction to your project for your users with an impressive dashboard. Thus, you give your app users a quick overview of the most important content and links.

When it comes to creating and designing a dashboard for your project, there are no limits with Polario. You can use a variety of Polario’s features to create your dashboard.

With the Page Feature you can create an individual dashboard quickly and easily. Include images, videos or documents and set important links, such as to the lunch menu, news and calendar. The Page Feature gives you endless possibilities when designing your dashboard.

You do not necessarily have to create the dashboard via a page. You can also just use another feature of Polario if you want only a specific content as the dashboard. For example, you want your users to see your appointments first, then simply link directly to the calendar in the app menu and name the menu item as the home page.

With our groups feature you can also assign an individual dashboard to certain target groups. For example, you want to provide your event participants with a different dashboard than your event exhibitors.

Simply create two different pages in the CMS, as well as the groups to which you then assign the corresponding users. You can then set the access rights in the app menu. This gives each target group an overview of the content and links that are relevant to them when they enter your app.

Dashboard Feature

Application Examples

Individual start page for specific target groups, e.g. shift schedule for construction staff

Use of different features for the creation of a home page

Theme pages about event, company, location

Infinite possibilities in the design

Page for highlights and impressions

More Features

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