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It is well known in the event & community sector, that a basic set of files is frequently reused in many projects and needs to be accessed from multiple devices. To solve this and other problems of data sharing, an intuitive media library is part of Polario.

Via the media library,relevant files can be accessed quickly and clearly from any location. This is especially useful for template images and standard documents like terms of use or or forms, which are used repeatedly.

In the Media Library feature, files can be stored within folders. Thus, project-specific project folders can be created, e.g. to store all templates for company parties separately.

The media library supports the most common file types for images, icons, videos, audio and documents. File names and descriptions can be added within Polario. File names and descriptions can be added within Polario.

Files can also be downloaded. Thus, the media library also serves as a repository of important documents that can be accessed easily and quickly from anywhere.

Mediathek Feature

Application Examples

Folder for galleries/highlights of past events

Saving templates for specific content

Special icon set of the company as a folder

Photos of employees sorted by department

Make content such as logos and forms easily accessible

Mediathek Features

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