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Roles- & Rights Management

With Polario’s roles and rights management feature you can easily assign access to individual persons. This allows people to manage projects or configure general settings for all projects.

In the Content Management System, under Account Management, you can access predefined roles, such as Super Admin, Project Manager, and User. But you can also easily create your own roles. You can define your own roles very individually. The roles can be related to theproject or to the platform.

Depending on which scope you select for a role, you have different authorizations to choose from. You can either assign only one permission to a role or select multiple permissions. You don’t want every user of the app to also post changes to the app design or content? Then decide which roles should also have access to your content management system.

For example, your editors should be responsible for populating the app with content as well as being able to remove comments. Create a role to which you assign permissions to manage the content and posts. For your editors to be able to create the content, the role also needs access to your CMS.

You can also adjust or remove the created roles at any time.

Features - Rights and Role Management

Quick Facts

Creation of individual roles

Control of access to the content management system

Selection from different permissions

Access for specific locations on employee app

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