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Use the Page feature to create your own pages to display a wide variety of contentin an appealing way. Set no limits to your creativity and design impressive pages, suitable for your project!

The composition of the pages is done in sections, which are felt with different modules. This gives you an extremely high degree of customization. Sections can be divided into different arrangements. Examples are 100, 50/50, 25/75 and more!

Use modules to fill your sections with life! The choices here include, text/title, document, image, video, button and many more elements. Each module can be customized, e.g. in its color, formatting or even spacing.

Texts in the Page feature are also flexible in their formatting. Mark text sections bold, create lists or link to email addresses as well as web content.

To improve reading on desktop and mobile devices, you can create a desktop view of your content in addition to the responsive view. You then optimize this content for viewing on wide displays.

It is also possible to interact with content created via the Page feature. When this option is selected, pages can be commented and liked.

Page Feature

Application Examples

Dashboard for quick navigation

Intro page and greeting

Theme pages about event, company, location

Catering/menu info (with menu and pictures)

Page for highlights and impressions

Erstellen einer Page im CMS

More Features

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