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Polario’s map feature provides you with an optimal overview of your location, coupled with digital hints and information.

You can create your map quickly and easilyusing the content management system(CMS). For example, simply upload an image of your venue and place markers to highlight the most important locations. You can also place relevant information for your users behind each marker.

You can customize the markers to your liking. Use icons or textto show your app users at first glance where they can find something to eat or drink at your event, for example. The markers can also be easily customized to match your corporate identity. You can also link to internal or external content on the markers if you wish.

In addition to classic 2D plans, you can also add visually elaborate graphics to the map feature. For example, you can also use it to present a virtual showfloor in your app for exhibitions.

Map Feature

Application Examples

Overview of event stations at e.g. live events

Company site map in a company app

Virtual showfloors for trade fairs & exhibitions

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