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The live stream feature allows you to host virtual and hybrid events with ease and inform a large user base quickly. Whether for conferences, conventions or meetings – with the live stream feature you have a wide range of possible uses. At the same time, it provides a cost-effective alternative to full live events with virtual events.

Our live stream feature is perfect for informational events where you can give live or pre-recorded presentations and other content. With just one click you have everything at a glance – from speakers and descriptions to documents, links, locations, tags and more.

Integrate the live stream feature into calendar items, pages, and news. When you put a live stream in a page, it can be included in all places where internal linking is possible, such as the app menu or push messages.

Creating a live stream is, thanks to our intuitive CMS, uncomplicated and user-friendly. You can deposit teaser images and alternative text if the stream is not yet live to build anticipation.

In CMS, you also get easy access to the input signal and input key for streaming. This allows you to integrate your live stream from many different services. Be it a production studio, Microsoft Teams meeting, Zoom Call, Webex or other sources.

Processing of the signal is handled by our partner 3Q, who additionally provides information on encoder settings for livestreams to ensure that your livestream is transmitted smoothly.

Live stream Feature

Quick Facts

Ideal for virtual and hybrid events

Real-time communication through live chat for interaction & engagement

Integration with Calendar Entries, Pages, News and more!

Uncomplicated creation with intuitive CMS

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