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Tags are a handy tool that helps your users to find content in your app faster and better. They also enable you to better distinguish and structure content in the content management system (CMS).

Tags are similar to groups, except they are used for content instead of people. Much like you assign people to specific groups, you can tag content and apply filters. This promotes the overview and classification within your platform. The name and color design of the tags are customizable. Even emojis in the name are possible, which increases the comprehensibility even more.

The application possibilities of tags are diverse. They are used, for example, to sort content in the platform. For example, you could create a tag for your business so that all related content is grouped together on one page.

Create a tag for appointments in the calendar, such as for workshops or live streams, to get a better overview. Basically, you can use tags for any listing content, be it products, listings, locations and much more.

Now you are probably wondering how to create tags in Polario. This can be done in two ways: Either directly in the tag overview – this can be done in the project or in the global view – or anywhere you can add tags, indicated by the plus button. When creating a tag, you can specify its name and choose the color of the tag, which is very useful especially for calendar entries. Tags can currently be stored for news, pages and static directories.

Finally, we have the tag manager in our app menu. Here you can display content for selected tags, regardless of whether it is one or more tags. There you also choose whether to display News, Pages or both. With Tag Manager, you have full control over what content is played out in your app.

Tag Feature

Quick Facts

Clearly display content for users

Create better structure in CMS for content

Color customization of tags + emojis

Tag manager in the app menu for direct overview

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