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With the location feature, you give a unique mapping to important locations, rooms or other areas in your app. Link them to different content, for optimal orientation and navigation through your platform.

Locations can be easily placed on your maps. This gives you a visual representation of the locations. This gives your users optimal orientation as to where workshops are taking place or exhibitors can be found, for example.

So that your users know in which room meeting XY takes place, the locations can also be linked to calendar entries. Polario also allows you and your users to view all of a location’s links at once by clicking on the location.

Locations can be easily created, edited or removed in the content management system. Simply assign a name and you’re done. You can then add the locations to your calendar entries or add them to your map.

Location Feature

Application Examples

Meeting rooms or company locations in one employee app

Exhibitor stand on a exhibition map in an app for exhibitions

Event locations in an event app

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