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The news feature allows you to publish news such as announcements or other information. The created articles can then either be found via the news overview or placed individually via direct linking within the platform.

The structure of a news page is very similar to the Page Feature. Thus, complete customization of the content is possible, as well as the division into sections and the addition of modules.

The distribution of the news articles takes place via push message. The article can still be distributed after publication via the notifications feature within the platform.

Just as with Pages, there is also the option to create a desktop view in addition to the responsive view, which offers more space in width.

Like a lot of other content, news can also be liked and commented.

News Feature

Application Examples

For announcements, messages or reports

Internal blogs for communities/companies

Spezifische Nachrichten für Standorte

Share useful information with employees

Provide highlights and impressions of events

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