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People Import provides rapid integration of large and complex data sets, saving significant time and effort. This process is already beneficial for multiple people, especially if the profiles contain a lot of content.

It is a guided import process that allows them to integrate and update collected records of people in Polario. This process is suitable for importing CMS managers, staff, partners, guests at events, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and so on. It is intended not only for importing information as text, but also for profile pictures.

People Import has automatic error detection, for example, when setting passwords that do not comply with the guidelines or for file names when uploading images. In addition, there is the duplicate check, with which they avoid duplicate entries. In addition, People Import provides you with formatting help, for example, for capitalizing names.

Import is done via a table file, with Excel and CSV templates provided. An assignment of the table columns from the template file is done automatically. Manual assignment is also possible. The transferred data then checked for error detection and duplicates. Here you now have the option of adjusting or deleting the entries yourself.

When you finish importing people, you will be asked if you want to send an e-mail. Here you also specify whether the accesses are intended for the CMS or the app. If you have stored file names for profile pictures, the picture upload will also take place there.

People Import Feature

Quick Facts

Fast integration of large/complex data sets

Easy upload via Excel or CSV template

Import of CMS Managers and App Users

Automatic error & duplicate check

With profile picture import and e-mail dispatch

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