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Many tools in the event sector and for internal communication offer few options for design customization. Quite different with Polario, thanks to the comprehensive design features and an almost unlimited degree of customization possibilities. With very little effort, your users will experience the exact look and feel they are already accustomed to from your company.

The customization options range from the adjustment of backgrounds to the exact color selection of fonts and buttons.

Since color accents can be specified via hex codes, it is ensured that your CI is represented as accurately as possible.

From the created design you can easily derive a scheme, which can be applied to recurring events, for example. Thus, Polario makes it easier for you to meet a consistently high standard of visual design.

But the design features do not allow optical adjustments. Separators and spacing can be used to structure an event by CMS users. And custom graphics and images promote comprehensibility and help users retain information. Especially if your company has a graphics department.

A custom icon set allows users to quickly recognize familiar information and company-specific functions. Icons can be stored in a media library and quickly switched on/off.

You can get more useful information about the design and layout features in our guide.

Polario Graphic Guide


Layout & Design Feature

Application Examples

Adaptation of the platform according to the corporate design

Create your own platform experience, for individual event

Visually depict specific company events (e.g. company anniversary, Christmas, etc.)

Sports event with icons & logos of the club

Project based designs for teams

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