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With the sponsor feature, you can show the companies that support your project in a clear overview. The basis for this are our static directories, with which you can map many different contents in a clearly structured way. This is also an excellent way to present exhibitors.

List all the important info about your sponsors via the sponsors feature. Share data about the company and define the level of detail depending on the type of support.

Explain how the sponsor supports you and give more details. For example, standard sponsors would include contact information or contact person and premium sponsors would add images, videos, documents, links and more! The classification is completely in your hand.

Besides the content, the way the sponsor feature is displayed is also up to you. Choose between lists, grids or cards for the view. Via our app menu you can manage different sponsor lists and thus divide them into categories. Or you can create your own page for your sponsors, which can be completely customized.

Also use other features of our NoCode platform to prominently display the companies from the sponsor feature within your app.

So it is possible for you to include graphics from sponsors in the form of advertising in the menu or on pages. Or, of course, textually in agenda appointments, as push messages and in our social feeds.

Sponsor Feature

Quick Facts

Prominent presentation of your event sponsors

Customize the detail level of sponsor information

Classification into categories via the app menu

Offer advertising space via pages & other features

Ideal to communicate sponsors of clubs

Statische Verzeichnis im CMS erstellen

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