No-Code & Low-Code – Dynamics of Digitalization

Polario's no-code solution approach is to manage a technically complex platform the way you build websites today.

Learning a programming language is similarly complex and time-consuming as learning a foreign language. No-code & low-code solutions provide quick help without programming knowledge.

The path of the no-code and low-code approach

First ideas for programming without programming languages existed in the 1990s. However, the technology was still in its infancy at the time and so the approach disappeared into obscurity for decades. An enormous multiplication of computing power with simultaneously falling prices, ubiquitous Internet and the advance of graphical user interfaces are now giving the idea a tremendous renaissance.

Modern software draws additional layers between the actual source code and the user interface, which simplifies the operation for the user and does not require any programming know-how. These types of IT solutions, which do not require knowledge of text-based programming languages, are now known as no-code or low-code solutions.

The No-Code & Low-Code Functionality

True to the motto “lots of graphics, little code”, No-Code and Low-Code rely on a graphical modular principle. In traditional software development, programmers write code to create desired functionality and capabilities in a computer program or application. This process requires programmers to have in-depth knowledge of programming languages as well as development environments, deployment processes, and test protocols.

No-code platforms encapsulate all that goes on behind the scenes and instead give platform users visual tools that you can easily use to build and configure applications. The platforms usually have reusable components, drag-and-drop tools and clickable switches that realize the certain functions and features. Users can use it to create and administer applications without having any technical knowledge.

Areas of application for no-code & low-code solutions

No-code & low-code are on their way to revolutionize business application development. The spectrum of no-code applications is broad. Some vendors target one industry, other no-code players offer a solution to a specific task, and still others aim to cover all areas of the business if possible. The big dynamic, however, is in the market for specialists. For example, there are no-code providers that are better suited for certain categories or are limited to very specific options.

The major players such as Microsoft, Dell, SAP or Oracle offer back-end integrations to enable thedevelopment, control and operation of applications. This is referred to as Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). They are cloud-based solutions for integrating applications and data from cloud and on-premise environments. The use of no-code and low-code technologies can also be aimed at optimizing business processes. Intelligent Business Process Management(IBPM) applications are specialists for complex requirements around workflow management, case management and decisions. Furthermore, no-code and low-code application platforms take place in the provision of tools for internal processes and data management (LCAP).

Polario – The No-Code Solution from plazz AG

plazz AG’s no-code solution called Polario delivers dedicated cross-platform native applications focused on information, communication & interaction.

Polario pursues the idea of managing a technically complex platform in the same way as one creates and maintains websites nowadays. Away from a rigid catalog of requirements, away from dependence on IT staff and towards self-service or managed service with Polario.

No-code means saving time and resources, more creativity in implementation and more flexibility in short-term adaptation.

Polario is based on the user-friendly Software as a Service principle and is IT made & hosted in Germany. By using this ready-made, maintained solution, users relieve their IT department of care and maintenance tasks, get fast access to the platform and always benefit from the latest product enhancements.

Selection 10 powerful Polario functions

Interview with plazz AG CEO Jürgen Mayer and CPO Stefan Heinz

We asked plazz AG CEO Jürgen Mayer and CPO Stefan Heinz for an interview where they tell us about no-code and low-code approaches and how these approaches are reflected in Polario. Read more here.

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