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With the Notifications feature, you can quickly and easily contact all people or only certain target groups of your app. The respective message is sent out either as an in-app or push message.

Application scenarios for notifications can be, among others, the announcement of scheduled agenda items, informing about short-term changesor communication in extraordinary situations.

The content of notifications can be designed in many ways. In addition to a teaser image, text and link, an attachment can also be added. Such a link can, for example, refer internally to a page, open a form or link to external pages.

The configuration of the content is done in our No Code Content Management System. There you not only create the notifications, but you can make further fine adjustments. An example of this is scheduling your notifications, i.e. a scheduled dispatch.

In the dispatch, you can set whether notifications are to be sent on a project-specific or global basis. You can also specify whether certain recipient groups are to be defined for targeted communication.

The read receipt option lets you keep especially important messages on your screen at all times. All received notifications can be viewed at any time in the message center (bell icon).

Features - Notifications

Application Examples

Welcome message to the event

Announcement of upcoming dates

Share short term changes

Onboarding messages for new employees

Emergency communication e.g. in case of fire

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