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Learn how the check-in app automates the event process, creates badges, and provides a seamless event experience.

In recent months, the number of face-to-face events has increased again. With the return to normality, the need for a professional check-in to ensure a smooth process also increases.

As a check-in solution provider, we know first-hand how important it is to have an efficient and reliable check-in process. To hear directly from the pros how our solution works and what benefits it offers, we interviewed our Lead for the Check-in App in the Customer Support Team, Gregor Mendel.

Please introduce yourself briefly.

I’m Gregor Mendel and I’ve been working at plazz in Customer Support for about 2.5 years and have already managed numerous successful customer projects.

Since 2021, I have been responsible for the operations of our check-in app and, together with our dedicated team, take care of the planning in advance and the technical realization on site.

bild - gregor mendel
Gregor Mendel
Check-in Lead
Customer Support

What is the check-in app and what can it do?

The Check-in App is our innovative solution that simplifies and automates the check-in/out process at events. It enables the registration of participants in the CMS and offers a wide range of options for check-in/out.

Attendees can be checked in/out either by QR code scan via an iPad, manually via the app interface or the CMS. This significantly speeds up the process and allows guests to quickly and easily confirm their presence.

Another important feature of the check-in app is the connection to printer systems for automated badge printing. There is a choice of different badges that can be individually designed. These include, for example, organic plastic cards, self-adhesive labels or pre-printed cardboard cards in conjunction with labels.

The check-in app not only makes the check-in/out process faster and more efficient, but also makes badge creation a breeze. Organizers can ensure that all attendees get quick and easy access to the event and receive a personalized badge.

What are the advantages of the app?

The check-in app offers a variety of benefits that can be of great use when organizing events and functions. One of the biggest advantages is the digitalization and automation of the check-in process. Participants can be checked in or checked out quickly and easily via QR code scan or manually. This significantly speeds up the process and allows participants to start the event faster.

Integration with badges also makes check-in professional and impressive. The badges can be customized and give the event an exclusive character. Attendees thus feel welcome and appreciated.

Currently, there is seamless integration with our mobile event app. This allows us to cover a wide range of use cases, such as pre-event addressing, participant registration and the event itself. An integration with Polario is already being planned.

In addition, our on-site support gives you the advantage of not having to worry about technology, briefing hostesses or carrying out the actual accreditation.

In what types of events can the check-in app be used?

The check-in app can currently be used at small to medium-sized events without any problems. Our current upper limit for check-in is around 700 people per hour. However, this number only refers to the premium solution, i.e. the printing of plastic cards directly on site.

If the pure check-in function is to be used, we can also serve large events with up to 10,000 participants without difficulty.

How can the participant data be integrated into the app?

On the one hand, the participant data can be transferred to the app automatically via our in-house solution “registr“, or manually via the import of lists of persons.

What options does the app offer for evaluating events?

During the event, our customers have the possibility to see directly in the app how many people are currently present (checked in), how many people are still expected and, if necessary, who has already left the event.

Afterwards, this can also be evaluated again via our CMS in the form of an Excel export. In addition, you can see in a time diagram how the check-ins were distributed over the entire day.

How can you imagine the realization of the badge print and the hardware?

Generally speaking, we need about 4 weeks’ lead time to adequately prepare a badge-print check-in. First, we clarify the design of the cards with our customers, decide whether it should be pre-printed or produced live and then go into the technical planning of the accreditation stands.

On the event date, we deliver the hardware independently, set it up and take care of the briefing of the hostesses. During the check-in, I am also on site as a contact person at any time in order to be able to react quickly to questions.

After the event we take care of the dismantling and return of the hardware ourselves.

What does the check-in app cost?

One question that often comes up when deciding on a check-in app is the cost. Our solution is suitable for every budget and every event size. We offer a suitable alternative for every project. The costs for the check-in app depend on the scope and size of the event.

Check-in in conjunction with live badge printing is our premium solution. Should this exceed the scope of your event, we are also able to scale it down.

We also offer a medium budget solution via Aiprint label printers. Here you have the option to connect any AirPrint-enabled label printer to the check-in app and attach the badge to an adhesive label either on clothing or on a cardboard card.

As a low budget solution, we also offer self printing of name badges via Avery adhesive sheets, which can be printed with any standard printer.

How is data protection ensured when using the app?

Through the CMS, event managers can authorize accounts to log into the check-in app and access attendee data. In addition, the check-in app has code security to prevent unauthorized access to the data.

If the check-in app is used in self-service mode, the iPads also offer a “kiosk mode” in which only the launched app can be used.

What does the technical support for app users look like?

Since I or someone from my team is always on site as a technical contact, we have here super the possibility to operate a trouble counter for any app problems. Participants who, for example, do not have a QR code or are not yet registered can also be accredited quickly and without delay.

Check-in App Whitepaper

Download the PDF of the Check-in App whitepaper now!


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