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Multi-Channel Communication

Through our multi-channel communication features, you form a coordinated communication on all fronts.

Essentially, multi-channel communication refers to the communication of information via different channels. You can do this using the numerous features of our NoCode solution Polario.

The approach of a multi-channel communication can either take place exclusively within your app, or be realized in interaction with other communication tools used, such as newsletters or notices. This information is then published to devices via iOS, Android and the web app. Thus, each person can be reached ideally.

You have various options to choose from when communicating your information. It is up to you how broad and complex your multi-channel communication is. In other words, which features you use and to what extent.

Send a breaking news via push messages, which lands directly on the recipients’ screen. Post messages requesting feedback via the social feed or news.

Connect them with forms to get detailed and form-matched responses. Pages are excellent for conveying extensive information. You can design them using our Page Builder, where you can let your creativity run wild.

Strengthen your communication and ensure a consistent appearance in all channels, via our diverse features. This enables you to achieve professional internal communication that is optimally timed and delivered to the matching target groups.

Through administration via the content management system, in which all content is available, you thus ensure a consistent message in language and presentation.

Using our feature set, you communicate what you want, how you want it, to your chosen audience and at your chosen time.

Multi-Channel Communication Features

Quick Facts

Wide choice of communication channels

Ensure consistent communication

Specialization possible depending on the type of message

Linking with other features (forms, etc.)

Delivery to relevant target groups

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