Tips for sustainable events

With our tips for sustainable events, you can ensure an ecological balance and even save costs & effort.

In live communication, hosting sustainable events has become a key issue. For a sustainable realization it is helpful to have a level of organization and awareness for our environment. This way you ensure a reasonable ecological footprint with your event. We have compiled 9 tips for sustainable events and would like to help you to better ensure an ecological balance.

The plazz AG tips for sustainable events

Tip 1: Green communication 🌱

When you start communicating for your event, it is already advisable to draw attention to the fact that you are focusing on sustainability. This way you already raise awareness for this topic. For example, for each event registration, you could make a donation to an environmentally conscious project that aims to achieve ecological balance.

Tip 2: Environmentally conscious mobility 🚅

Especially when it comes to travel, a lot can be achieved. Travel to and from events is often the biggest source of emissions. Ask whether the people at your event can switch to low-emission means of transportation to reduce the C02 emissions. Carpooling, which can be formed in advance via the event app, would also be a suggestion. Equally helpful could be a cooperation with driving services. These then provide hybrid or electric cars. Or encourage the participants of your sustainable event to use public transportation. This can be done, for example, via a QR code within the event app, as was the case at the Christival 2022.

Tip 3: Don’t see hybrid events only as a Corona stopgap solution ⛔️

A hybrid format event combines the advantages of virtual and live events. Since people are free to participate digitally or on-site. Not only do you offer your invited guests more flexibility, but you also reduce travel costs and especially potential emissions. As a synergy of this, the cost of catering or other logistical ventures is also significantly lower. This makes an event not only more sustainable for the organizer, but also more cost-effective at the same time. With this strengthened measure of innovation, you should also go into communication and present yourself as future-oriented.

Tip 4: A location with sustainability in mind🏡

Sustainable events have become important not only for event organizers, but also for the associated service industries. Operators of venues and hotels are already taking care to act in an environmentally friendly manner. So when selecting vendors, take a look at their measures to promote sustainability. In addition to sustainability management, it is also helpful to look at whether there is certification with an environmental label. For example, we as plazz AG are certified as carbon neutral via ClimatePartner.

Tip 5: Regional products 👨🏻‍🌾

When choosing catering, you can also make a big difference for sustainable events. See what the environmental footprint of the companies to choose from is and if they are certified. Check to see which ones are local. With shorter delivery routes, the emissions created in the process are likewise lower. You’ll also be supporting the local economy. If no regional suppliers can be found, you can ensure a certain level of ecological balance via labels such as MSC or Demeter.

Tip 6: Professional waste management ♻️

here is a simple phrase to stick to here: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle“. It is of high importance that you also have an efficient waste management at a sustainable event. Try to keep the waste generated as low as possible. This will not only save you costs for purchase and disposal, but will also reduce the associated effort. Communicate this as well as possible with the participants of your sustainable event so that everyone contributes.

Tip 7: Positive energy management ⚡️

Not only emissions should be reduced, but also how much energy is used. An efficient energy concept should become an important factor in your venue selection. For a sustainable event, make sure that electricity and heat come from renewable energy sources. Furthermore, it is possible to promote the sustainability of your event by ensuring that the technology used has a high efficiency rating. This includes music and cooling systems, but of course also lighting. Especially with the latter, you can make huge savings by using LED lights.

Tip 8: Communicate digitally instead of print 📱

A large proportion of events generate mountains of waste through printed flyers, brochures and other print media. However, much of this information can easily be communicated digitally. For a sustainable event, an event app would be ideal. The content can then be accessed within the app and either shared via news and notifications or made available on-site via QR codes. So make sure to use print media as little as possible for sustainable events. If this is not possible, we recommend the use of recycled material or FCS certified paper, which can also be printed on both sides.

Tip 9: sustainable ethics☯️

Moral and social values are also an important component of sustainable events. The decision to act sustainably should also entail a certain ethic. With regard to the target group of the event, this must be taken into account. Core parts of such an orientation include careful budgeting with the available resources or equality and diversity in different areas of your sustainable event. One particular example of this is accessibility. This takes place, for example, on site in the provision of chairs, tables and other furniture. But also digitally, in the form of offering options for better readability or alternative display methods of the event app.

plazz Consulting is happy to advise you on the realization of innovative and effective sustainability concepts. Together with our partner network or alone – depending on your requirements, we can deliver targeted consulting and conception from simple concepts to ultimate elaborate large-scale projects.

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