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Even traditional companies benefit from good employee communication! Learn how Bettenrid uses an employee app from plazz. Learn how Bettenrid uses an employee app from plazz AG.

For a good night’s sleep, go to Bettenrid. In Munich, Bettenrid has long been offering its customers a high-quality range of bedroom equipment since 1916. The Munich institution began with a specialty store in Munich-Schwabing. In the meantime, the company has two stores and successfully operates an e-shop.

The challenge

Due to the two stores, as well as the support of the online shop, Bettenrid requires a transparent and integrated flow of information and communication via digital channels.

The Corona pandemic and the resulting challenges of reduced working hours and home offices made the central communication flow in internal corporate communications more difficult. Information and content from the company’s headquarters only reached individual employees with considerable effort, as there were no centralized and established channels. The existing intranet was only used to a limited extent and reached the limits of its technical capabilities. Targeted information for individual groups within the company was not possible. Information could only be shared throughout the whole organization.

The goal of an employee app for Bettenrid

The creation of a central communications channel was the primary goal, and with it the optimization of internal corporate communications. The intention is to avoid overloading employees with too much information and communication. The workforce should be informed in a targeted manner in order to remain up to date with the latest knowledge at all times.

In addition the App must communicate current promotions, campaigns and discounts to the sales staff via the digital tool in order to achieve a higher impact.

A third goal of introducing an employee app is to simplify the onboardingof new employees by storing information centrally and presenting it transparently. These are available to new employees digitally from day one. Even the registration in the employee app can be done by the employee thanks to the login feature.

The implementation

The goals were achieved by introducing a tailored Bettenrid employee application for iOS, Android & Web.

Since not all Bettenrid employees have a company-specific email address, they can log in with an individual user name and receive a person-specific group assignment in the background. This allows for specific content to be displayed and sent to the respective employees and teams.

After a customer-specific onboarding phase by the plazz AG consulting team, BETTENRID independently manages the content of the application via a stand-alone content management system. This enables you to communicate current promotions to sales staff yourself and inform them via push notifications.

The content

The content of the application is handled separately for the stores, but is still controlled via a content management system, as well as delivered to employees via a front end. This is done via several projects that are created in the system and made accessible to the respective employee groups. This ensures that the content is only made available to employees for whom it is relevant.

Relevant and current information is sent to selected employee groups at lightning speed via news and push notifications. In this way, information is distributed to the relevant employees in a targeted manner so that there is no information overload. More detailed information on a topic can be made available to employees on pages they have created themselves.

Training videos, job descriptions and learning content are available in the application to make it as easy as possible for career starters and new employees to start work at Bettenrid. The application thus acts as a first point of contact and onboarding guide for acquiring know-how and knowledge.

The employee application serves as a central point of contact for all employees. The contact persons from the HR department are available via chat or e-mail. The contact persons can be viewed and contacted directly in the application. In addition, the phone numbers of the contact persons are stored so that they can also be called from the app.

Expansion of the use case

In a further expansion step, the existing intranet will be integrated into the employee application. The integration serves to provide further information and to control the communication and information flow centrally via the employee app.


New market trends, changes in customer requirements and external factors are forcing all companies to rethink their processes, even traditional companies like Bettenrid. In the future, successful employee communication will be an important success factor and KPI for companies of all sizes, from retailers to online service providers – and should not be slept on by any company.

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