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Employee communication needs to be better approached. Learn how this can be done quickly and effectively via an employee app.

The workplace is changing dramatically, companies need to adapt and understand how to deliver the right employee communication messages to the workforce across multiple channels. No matter where they work: in the office, at home, on the front lines, in the factory, on the road, or overseas. All of this faster than ever, but securely and without additional IT complexity hurdles.

Successful companies have found ways to reduce information overload, harness the power of data analytics, and develop effective networks of internal communicators. These help the company get their initiatives off the ground quickly and in a targeted manner. Resulting in more effective employee communications that inform, unite and motivate team members, sharing success stories and cultivating social connections among the workforce.

The COVID pandemic gave internal communications a stage like never before. Suddenly, many employees were working remotely. Others needed frequent, last-minute updates on legal or medical issues – as we know, the world spins much faster today than ever before. With most employees working from multiple locations, organizations needed to establish communication channels for a largely invisible workforce.

Internal employee communications is no longer just about communicating goals, strategies and values. Communicators today deal with a much broader range of challenges and issues, all of which require their own distinctive narratives and supporting communications.

In times when people primarily use their smartphones for information, mobile channels are the most important tools and more than just a supplement to classic means of communication, such as notices, employee newspapers, webcasts or circulars.

But it’s also about positioning yourself well for future crisis situations. With Corona, we have seen the challenges faced by companies that did not yet have up-to-date communication tools in place and for whom virtual conferences were completely new territory.

Employee communication via mobile intranet/employee app

Mobile-first intranets or employee apps are more than a nice-to-have, but rather the new standard for employee communication. Ideally in the form of an omnichannel, as native apps for Apple and Android, as a web app for the mobile browser or the desktop app on the PC. Ideally paired with multi-layered role and rights management, all controlled from a central multilingual content management system.

With Polario, plazz AG has developed a communication platform that reaches employees in a flexible, personalized and data-driven way. The complete experience is close and personal on the device that each of us has with us 24/7, regardless of time and place.

Our solution lays the foundation for a new platform that offers a unique communication solution for the three interlinked requirements of today’s companies: Employee Communication, Event Communication and Employer Branding Experience.

With the Polario platform, we help companies optimize communication for their employees across various channels: Email, Notifications, Mobile Apps, Mobile Intranet even Digital Signage is possible with the WebApp.

Polario combines organizational and operational communications – with more powerful analytics and personalization capabilities, exactly what the radically changed work and business world is looking for.

The new form of employee communication

Reach your employees when and where they need it with engaging communications. Do this through a variety of channels that create impact – virtual, hybrid, or live with multimedia streams or text.

Transform your employees into communicators. Every person can post, like, comment and thus get involved. “Communities” on work-related, but also personal interests find a home on your employee platform. In times of pandemic, home office and hybrid working, Polario enables the company to create a virtual space for company-wide connectedness, completely adapted to your CI and communication goals.

Through the possibilities of interaction, knowledge can be disseminated and shared fluently and across location and department boundaries throughout the entire company. With the solution, you give employees a new level of ownership and trust. Ideally, your mobile intranet becomes more than just an interactive information platform. Create a branded, virtual home for your employees.

The Corona pandemic has taught us how rapidly changing the needs of companies and their employees can be. Without effective, flexible and adaptable tools, market share can be lost quickly.

In addition to classic top-down information, Polario supports communication within the workforce. Colleagues can securely communicate with each other company-wide via the chat function and the social feed, browse the digital “bulletin board” or post things themselves, write or comment on posts themselves, and contribute to image and video galleries.

For front-line employee communications or professional groups without access to a PC, such tools offer the ability to maintain communication with management, provide feedback, and connect with colleagues or departments at corporate headquarters.

Every company has its own status quo and company-specific situation, which can change, but in any case should move with the times. Polario is therefore used in many different ways. Be it as a classic employee app for all, as an onboarding app for new hires, as a pure apprentice app for the new generations. But also as an employee tool with regional/functional communities and sub-communities within a technical solution. And especially important as a crisis app, which enables the company to have prepared communication and structured processes in the event of a crisis, independent of its own IT infrastructure.

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Increase the communication in your company with the help of an employee app and reach everybody directly & independent of their location.

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