Polario Update 3.0

With improved calendar function, integrated chats and new directory features.

We are pleased to introduce the latest update to our event and community platform – Polario 3.0! With this update comes some notable features and improvements that enhance both the usability and functionality of Polario. Here are the exciting new features that Update 3.0 brings:

Calendar improvements

Our calendar function got an upgrade! Among other things, calendar tabs, the integration of a booking tool and calendar entries over several days.

Calendar tabs

You can now integrate tabs in the calendar detail. These tabs currently come in four different types (more are on the way), all aimed at improving communication and interaction between users:

  • Chat tabs
    We have added a special session chat for each calendar item. This is a separate chat room, different from the general app chat and tailored only to the specific calendar entry.
  • Pages Tabs
    You can now create additional information pages and enrich them with videos, images, and more, as you normally would with Pages.
  • Web Content (Links)-Tabs
    This allows linking to further content or external tools to provide users with additional information. For example, a Google Maps map with a stored route.
  • Form tabs
    Include forms from our forms feature. This can be used to solicit surveys or direct feedback.

Booking feature in calendar

The new Booking feature in the calendar entry allows users to book and manage their participation in events. By integrating doo’s ticketing & check-in system, you can store doo’s data directly in the calendar entry. Each calendar entry now has a ticket icon with a QR code that admins can scan to verify attendee check-in.

Calendar entries over several days

We have also added the possibility to create calendar entries for multiple days. You can schedule calendar entries that take place over several days. These entries are displayed in the calendar accordingly.

Directory upgrades

In the directory we have added a new element for placing documents. This allows users to easily share and access important documents.

In addition, the chat in directories was introduced. Profile entries in directories now have a button for chat. Clicking this button opens a direct chat with the person of the profile, making the communication even more seamless.

We’re proud of these new features and enhancements and look forward to seeing how they help you be more productive and organized. Please feel free to share your feedback with us. Your feedback is invaluable for us to continuously improve Polario.

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to save changes for ‘Allow Multiple Images’ toggle for ‘image’ element in directory
  • Login configuration // SSO provider // color drops are black
  • Spelling error in directory description
  • webview fix and color-select fix
  • Toggle on map marker overlay not clickable
  • Video controls not visible
  • Attachments are not displayed when opened via in app notification
  • Search bar text color not updated
  • Numbers behind tag sections in the filter are visible when no element is selected
  • Use ‘PrimaryText’ color for branding
  • Change action icons colour to Light/Corporate Contrast
  • Video automatically gets unmuted on opening the video in full screen
  • Directory Widget // Images are cut off
  • Dark mode isn’t reflecting correctly
  • Refresh indicator should use primaryBackground
  • Overlapping elements
  • App is crashing on navigating to social feed when social feed post has a video
  • Wrong navigation icon is shown
  • App is not sending push notification token
  • Fix for missing directory detail after clicking on same directory link twice
  • Fix for visibility and manipulation of comments in social feeds
  • Fix for not updating social feed likes
  • Design changes for document and media folder widgets
  • Fix for filtering calendar-list
  • Fix to load calendar detail when not logged in
  • Update SVG for not displayable web views
  • Add view for not displayable forms
  • Fix for empty profile in live chat
  • Fix for keywords in calendar detail
  • Fix for directly linked media items
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