Polario Update 2.0

Discover the new features and improvements of Polario 2.0. See the changelog for a detailed list of all changes!

Performance Improvement

In the last few months, our API has been completely reworked to optimize loading time and the issue of access permissions. After the internal stress test with thousands of news, pages, calendar entries and so on, there is a noticeable performance boost on all platforms, including the CMS.

Edit localization yourself

With the new localization editor, you can make adjustments to the wordings for your app at any time and independently without having to trigger updates afterwards. The editor is located in the global area under Languages > Localization. There you can now additionally define the default language as German or English.

Currently, German-informal is set as the default language. However, our team is working hard to make German-formal available as an alternative in the next two weeks. Thus, we will offer a 2nd option for all those who would like to generally use the first form of address in the app.

Moderate social feeds

As a moderator or administrator, it is now possible to moderate all social feed content in the app, in addition to comments in News and Pages.

Polario Branding

On the project overview, in the app menu and in the menu item “Realization” a Polario branding was deposited, which can only be activated or deactivated by updates.


  • keep legacy thumbnail for broken images
  • fix nil maps in localization
  • migration of sso providers
  • migration of menu
  • fixed channel list
  • The permission “ViewAnalytics” cannot be applied on project related roles
  • fixed group tree not displaying correct
  • fixed api route for projects
  • fixed an issue occurring when migrated directories missing createAccesses property
  • fixed newsletter view for projects not accepting group configuration
  • fixed a bug with missing change detection in group tree selection
  • fixed api route for localizations
  • Secondary field is not visible when primary field is empty
  • Reaction button on news has wrong position
  • List elements in directories have no trailing padding
  • Sort and filter indicator in directories has wrong state
  • News widget does not adjust color when switching between light and dark mode
  • News detail has empty area when teaser text is empty
  • Resend comments in social feed is not working
  • Text alignment on pages and news is not working
  • Scrolling in directory lists shuttering when multiple sections are visible
  • Moderators can be muted in chat, channels and social feeds
  • Wrong border colors in the account view
  • Time format in calendar detail not correct
  • Calendar has bad performance with many entries
  • Chat input destroys chat layout
  • Drafted News/Pages content is visible on app
  • Directory entries overview is reflecting profile yellow color on profile image placeholder
  • Multiple response options are automatically getting selected on profile edit on Android
  • Load social feed videos by URL instead of Uri
  • App crashes when no map image is delivered in the json
  • Adjust group chat title
  • Chat // Search field still visible after searching on the next screen
  • Projects teaser images are cropped in projects list on home page
  • Chat Group / Channel upload image button icon is broken
  • IconTextElement design is incorrect
  • Views are not scaled on tablet
  • App is crashing on uploading Image from gallery in social feeds
  • Fix broken project sorting
  • Video doesn’t play in social feeds full screen activity
  • Tablet // Directories // Header text should be center aligned
  • Don’t show empty state when reloading NotificationCenter
  • Added Internal link of button in page/news content is not working
  • Video is not showing on Pages/News
  • White screen is visible
  • Markers icons should be displayed correctly
  • App is crashing on navigating to admin area
  • App crashing on navigating to news with ‘video’ with youtube link
  • App is crashing when moderator tries to open join channel request from global notifications
  • Fix for page image and custom tile url generation
  • Fix for start page logo growing
  • Fix for navigation header coloring
  • Fix for news widget date
  • Fix for directory widget sorting behavior
  • Fix for clickable tags in detail
  • Fix for news widget resizing
  • Fix for empty filter items in sidebar
  • Fix for chat/notification in admin area
  • Fix for localization keys in admin area
  • Fix for chat/channel image
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