Interview on working time recording in Polario

Working time recording is a de facto standard. Learn how time recording is integrated into Polario in an interview with Robert Schneider.

Robert, please introduce your company IDENTsmart.

Gladly. IDENTsmarthas been a provider of digital working time recording systems and security solutions since 2015. As a “Made in Germany” company, we are particularly proud to support many international and local companies with solutions for modern business management. The core team dates back to the pioneering days of electronic time recording systems and successfully developed the “CHIPDRIVE Timerecording” system, of which over thirty thousand systems have been sold in Germany. The development team was supplemented with a young team of full-stack web developers using state-of-the-art database and online management tools.

The result is one of the most modern web-based working time recording systems with a focus on simple, efficient operation and clear evaluations. The data is stored in a tamper-proof and DSGVO-compliant manner.

This enables us to meet the increasing digitalization demands in the HR industry. Our solution can cover both classic working time models with a fixed location and flexible working time models with a home office. The special thing about it is that it is a cloud-based SaaS system that can be operated completely via any web browser. However, we also offer terminals with tokens and employee cards, which can be used either exclusively or in addition to the web interface. Employees thus have the option of clocking in and out via the browser or via the terminal.

Why should customers who are currently still using Excel or other non-cloud-based solutions switch to a modern time recording system like IDENTsmart TimeRecording?

The new legal regulations have further increased the importance of minute-by-minute recording. Many classic systems and especially Excel spreadsheets reach practical limits here. Especially also because the employees must be offered an “accessible” system. These must therefore also be able to inform themselves independently about their working hours.

Legal foundation
According to a judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), employers are obliged to record the total working time of their employees. In its judgment of May 14, 2019 (Case C-55/18 – CCOO), the ECJ ruled that the recording of working time in EU member states must be done through an objective, reliable and accessible system. Only in this way could the rights under Articles 3, 5 and 6 of the Working Time Directive (2003/88/EC) be implemented accordingly. Simply documenting overtime would not do it justice.

Many legislations, although mostly set up to protect workers, lead to an ever-increasing administrative and communication burden. The cooperation with plazz AG is designed to make it easier for administrative and HR managers to comply with EU directives and manage employees. The introduction of a SaaS employee app and the optional IDENTsmart working time tracking module bundles the most frequently used administrative functions into one ecosystem.

How did the cooperation with IDENTsmart come about?

After plazz AG itself introduced the IDENTsmart TimeRecording system including ID800 terminals for time recording in the home office as well as in the office as part of its own employee app, we came up with the idea for the collaboration. The ease of use of both solutions and the cloud-based approach complement each other perfectly. In addition, suitable hardware and software must be coordinated with each other. This is an expertise that IDENTsmart has been able to contribute from its company history with IDENTOS. In addition, Polario and TimeRecording can be easily and simply installed in the company and integrated into the existing IT.

What data is collected with IDENTsmart and how?

Basically, IDENTsmart collects all necessary data for time recording, i.e. employee identification, coming and going times and the corresponding working time model. In addition, further data such as telephone numbers and place of residence can be stored in the web interface. Reasons for absence and vacation can also be entered in TimeRecording, which are then directly taken into account by the system during time recording. Nowadays, most of the employees own a smartphone, that’s why the system can be fully operated from the smartphone. But the classic check-in via chip at ID800 terminals from IDENTsmart is also possible. Thus, we give users maximum flexibility and convenience of use.

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More Information

What happens to the data after it is collected?

The data is stored in the cloud by our hosting partner and kept DSGVO compliant. This is particularly noteworthy, as some international competitors are sometimes unable to comply with the stricter German data protection regulations. With TimeRecording, our customers receive a cloud solution that is in no way inferior to local or on-premise systems in terms of IT security. After all, data security has always been a big issue for us. Not least with the password management systems that IDENTsmart also offers.

What functions should a powerful time recording solution have as standard today?

We have noticed among our customers that home office use and simple controlling are key points. I also see entry of absences directly in the time tracking tool as an absolutely necessary functionality. Many competitors are also unable to support different holiday calendars for different states. A reason for exclusion if there are multiple sites in different states.

What can customers expect from the cooperation between IDENTsmart GmbH and plazz AG?

The No-Code solution from plazz AG stands first and foremost for excellent information, interaction and communication. IDENTsmart GmbH is already a long-standing player in the market for time recording systems. For us, Polario’s Marketplace represents a great opportunity to expand the market for SaaS time tracking products in the future. Especially since plazz AG operates Polario, one of the most innovative platforms in the rapidly growing EECA (Event & Employee Communications Application) market. Communication is a crucial point for the successful introduction of a time recording system in the company. That is why we believe that time recording will fit perfectly into Polario’s portfolio.

What are the advantages of using TimeRecording and Polario together?

Our customers can benefit from synergy effects of the two products. Employees are presented with a uniform platform that enables communication and time tracking in one app or web interface. This not only saves administrative effort and increases convenience, but also increases acceptance within the company and among employees. On the corporate side, this is also positive, since TimeRecording can simply be booked as an add-on to Polario. Support requests are handled jointly by a German-speaking service team.

Thanks for the interview, Robert. Where can customers learn more about IDENTsmart’s time and attendance solution?

More information about TimeRecording can be found on our website. A free test account for 60 days can also be set up there. The IDENTsmart team will be happy to provide personal advice. A simple appointment for individual consultation and online demo is possible via our web portal. Polario customers can book TimeRecording directly through plazz AG. Zukünftig wird TimeRecording auch einfach als Add-On zu Polario zubuchbar sein.

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