Apps Made in Germany – 5 reasons that speak against US providers

Trust in the innovative spirit and virtues of German companies when choosing your software solutions!

When looking for apps for your own company, you can be inundated by a multitude of providers. It’s not always easy to choose the right ones. Many advertise that they provide extensive functions at favorable conditions.

The providers are no longer only from the DACH region, but the number of foreign providers is also increasing. For this reason, it is advisable to remain vigilant with this offer and to consider a German provider – innovative spirit and know-how “Made in Germany” abound.

We have summarized 5 reasons that speak against US providers and why you should choose apps made in Germany.

Legal security of data processing

In the U.S., data protection is not regulated in a general and comprehensive manner, but is instead regulated on an industry-specific basis. However, a large part is based on voluntary commitments on the part of the companies. In addition to the low level of protection, the comprehensive access powers of the U.S. authorities are also problematic for data traffic with the EU.

In Germany and the EU, on the other hand, there are independent data protection authorities or commissioners responsible for both public and non-public bodies.

For example, we also conduct penetration tests and audits at regular intervals to check our software-based systems and IT systems for security vulnerabilities.

Support based in Germany

If you choose a German app provider, you can reach them immediately during normal service hours and do not have to worry about a time difference.

Many German software providers do not outsource support to a call center, but instead have their employees provide support within the company.

Both points have the advantage that a solution can be proposed quickly in urgent critical cases.

Language barriers in software & service

In very few cases, a:e foreign software provider offers German support. This can quickly lead to language barriers or misunderstandings between you and the provider’s support staff.

Even the terminology within the app can be in English only in the worst case. Here you should definitely keep your target audience in mind – will they be able to cope with the software and understand everything?

Focus on the German market & conditions

For providers of apps made in Germany, the focus is on the German market and its conditions. New trends as well as changes and innovations in the legal framework are taken into account by the providers in Germany. The apps are therefore always up-to-date with developments in Germany.

Knowledge of German mentality & culture

For Germans, reliability is very important in addition to punctuality. This plays a major role not only in the private sphere, but also with regard to service and software from companies.

German app providers have the advantage that they are very familiar with the German mentality and culture.

There are also a number of things to consider with regard to contract law. In the case of contracts with foreign companies, it must be contractually stipulated which law is applicable to the contract.

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