Polario Update 3.6

Expansion of chat mentions, automatic translation of content, comment display and user export.

We are pleased to present the latest features of Polario 3.6. Here is an overview of the improvements and new features aimed at making your experience with our app even more enjoyable and efficient.

New functions for more interaction: chat mentions in the social feed

With the latest update, you have the option of mentioning other users directly in the social feed. Regardless of whether you want to address individual persons or all participants in a feed, every person mentioned will receive a notification. This makes communication livelier and more direct.

Innovative and easy to understand: automatic translation of content

One significant update is the introduction of automatic content translation. Content is now seamlessly translated into one of many available languages to always guarantee you the best readability. Change the language easily within the app. If other languages are stored in the content management system (CMS), the content adapts automatically. Please note that minor errors may occasionally occur with automatic translations.

Transparency in the foreground: display of comment numbers

For an improved overview, the number of comments on news and pages is now displayed in addition to the “Likes” – both in the app and in the CMS. This transparency promotes interaction and gives you quick information about the response to your content.

Increased efficiency in the backend: user export in the CMS

Administration is facilitated by new backend tools. Accounts can now be exported directly from the CMS as an Excel file with just a few clicks, which simplifies data management.

Stay up to date: Product news in the CMS

Last but not least, we keep you up to date on Polario and its versions directly after logging into the CMS with our update page.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Added missing notification for color scheme update
  • Color scheme update with discard dialog corrected
  • General search corrected
  • Icon for media selection component added
  • corrected Map does not work if LNG and LAT were inserted manually
  • Calendar // Chat widget cannot be saved in a special case
  • User cannot upload an image to the project folder in the project design
  • Message list // Publish/Unpublish/Archive buttons. User has no access
  • Calendar // The tabs are not saved after changing the template
  • News/News list // Planned publication cannot be published
  • When creating a marker in the map, the “Open new browser tab” checkbox cannot be deactivated
  • Fix UI in pages/messages if the link attached to the webview element is too long
  • Page/Messages // Error is displayed (“Translations”) / Translations property in content elements
  • When changing the language, all temporarily saved content is reset
  • The registration is not case sensitive.
  • Link title and description in chats and channels are limited to 2 lines
  • Efficient handling of multiple network requests with the same URL through shared task management
  • The registration of user-defined fonts has been improved
  • Calendar widget does not display a placeholder
  • Channel image in the moderation view breaks the layout
  • Typing area for single document widget too small
  • Expandable button of the text block has no effect
  • Social feed reaction list is not updated live
  • When reloading pages or messages, the widgets on the page are not updated
  • Standard text field actions cause the app to crash
  • Picture in picture not available for videos
  • Slider layout incorrect when using keywords
  • Read confirmation text for in-app notifications is missing
  • The app crashes if there is no calendar app on the device and the user tries to share a calendar entry
  • The app crashes when you try to post a video in the social feed
  • Hiding the info button after leaving the social feed
  • Bookmark filter should always be displayed in the calendar filter
  • The file code is not displayed correctly in the document widget / media folder element of the news/page
  • The button to send comments in social feeds is not sticky and is hidden behind the device keyboard
  • App crashes due to WebView rendering
  • The document list should be sorted ‘Alphabetically’ by default
  • App crashes during push in chat mentions
  • News // Correct padding for news titles
  • News // Different padding in the text
  • In-app notifications are not displayed for channel mentions
  • Messages // 0 Likes should not be displayed.
  • Messages without mentions are empty
  • Feed // Loads endlessly if the user is not a member
  • Pages/News // Column sizes are not taken into account
  • Profile picture thumbnail is not displayed in the navigation bar
  • Profile // Changes to the profile cannot be saved
  • News widget // Shadow is cut off if only 1 element is present
  • Directory entry // Header for empty address field is displayed
  • Hide the “Share” button from the detail tabs of the calendar entries, except in the “General/Detail” tab
  • Restructuring of the bottom sheet from Likes to JC
  • Move click actions to separate ViewModels for all elements
  • Revision of the bottom sheet Input
  • Refactor comments bottom sheet for JC
  • Adjusting the image width of the rectangle to the 5:3 format
  • Directory // Refactor Filter
  • Refactor DocumentOverviewFragment to JC
  • Chat moderation // Restructuring to Compose
  • Social feed comments // Customize design
  • IO customization form
  • Send language with push registration
  • Notification Center // Redesign to Jetpack Compose
  • AGP // Update Android Gradle Plugin
  • Notifications // Customize which notifications are expandable
  • Notifications // Use of the new notifications that can be compiled from the Notification Center for in-app notifications
  • Mentions // Clean up implementation
  • Android // Chat detail tablet width not correct
  • Social Feed // Revise UI states
  • Revision of chat, social feed, comments and live chat
  • Revision chat
  • Revision of chat, social feed and comments
  • Sendbird Chat v4
  • Improvement of the ellipsis size of the chat title
  • Improvement to hide the dividing line for the last member in a list
  • Improvement of the day division in chats/channels
  • Improvement of the display of the channel creation time in the chat/channel and corresponding sorting
  • Improvement to change the color of destructive actions to an error color
  • Customization of the link preview for chats/channels and feeds
  • Change sorting within the filter views
  • Hide border for custom tiles if no icon is present
  • Add web-specific description for push notifications
  • Revision of the web push handling including language change
  • Re-create your own channel in the dynamic directory
  • Minor improvements in the admin area
  • Design adjustments for interactions below the teaser text of news articles
  • Set the current user as the first on the Like list
  • Deactivate cookies for Matomo trackers
  • Sort document widget alphabetically
  • Sort calendar widget by date and start time
  • Fix for hiding sendbird admin messages in various chats
  • Fix for the missing display of the sidebar after adding users to the channel
  • Fix for social feeds such as list separators
  • Fix for comments on news/pages that cannot be deleted on localhost
  • Fix for the non-functioning linking of request notifications
  • Fix for social feeds such as lists that have to be clicked twice to open them
  • Fix for the display of the chat/channel indicator, even if there are no unread messages
  • Fix for social feed likes that cannot be displayed
  • Fix for not updated social feed likes (reopened)
  • Code elements are visible in subtitle fields of directories
  • Legal notification // Code elements are visible in the text field
  • Notification bubble for chat messages does not disappear when the notification is read in the global tab of the notification center
  • Display of tags in the directory slider if the space on the left and right side is not bigger than< 16 px
  • Adjust padding between the content and the placeholder for the teaser image in the news widget
  • System notification card for settings is unread after refreshing the page
  • Rectangular teaser image in vertical cards should be adjusted
  • User cannot log in with SSO account
  • Further comments are not displayed in the comments section
  • Show tap display in the correct channel
  • Switching between chats/channels in the message center should show the settings
  • Operator settings are not updated correctly in the message center
  • Fix for the display of zero likes in news articles
  • Thread in the social feed cannot be created by clicking the floating action button
  • The text of the social feed thread overlaps with the emoji mart sheet
  • Fix for push notification for All-Mention when notifications are set to silent
  • Membership request is not displayed in the member list when navigating from the push notification
  • Moderator cannot send a message if channel messages are restricted
  • Navigation to the member list of the social feed not possible
  • Fix UI for the “Create chat” button in the chat overview
  • Fix for chat and channel sorting
  • It is not possible to create a thread in the social feed by clicking on the floating action button
  • The text of the social feed thread overlaps with the emoji mart sheet
  • Fix für die Push-Benachrichtigung für All-Mention, wenn die Benachrichtigungen auf lautlos gestellt sind
  • Membership request is not displayed in the member list when navigating from the push notification
  • Moderator kann keine Nachricht senden, wenn Kanalnachrichten eingeschränkt sind
  • Navigation to the member list of the social feed not possible
  • Fix UI for the “Create chat” button in the chat overview
  • Content of the slider card is not centered when the preview image is hidden
  • Show icon for user-defined tiles on pages/messages again
  • Icon for user-defined tiles not clickable
  • Show files in directory detail again
  • Show icons in the directory detail again
  • Show images on pages/messages again
  • Gallery functionality corrected
  • Repairing the display of gallery sidebar elements
  • Show files in the notification again
  • Show images in the notification again
  • Sorting the chat/channel list by lastMessage and createdAt
  • Corrections for profile picture component and channel mentions
  • Fix for sending request data when the user saves the profile data
  • Fix for the padding of news articles from 1024px
  • Fix for the height of the empty status in the message center
  • Fix that comments are not loaded when switching between news articles
  • Fix number of comments for undefined value
  • Fix border for comment list text area
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