Polario Update 3.4

New menu icons & bookmarks for improved navigation and organization in your app!

We have prepared some exciting new features and improvements for you in this version.

Text for menu icon

We have introduced a special function for even more intuitive navigation in the mobile app: As an administrator, you can now add a small text next to the menu icon. This is particularly useful to make it easier for your users to find the menu.

How it works:
Go to Global/Languages/Localization and search for general.label.menustrong. Here you can enter a suitable term or leave the field blank, depending on your preferences.

Bookmarks in the directory

Update 3.4 introduces another useful function: the option to set bookmarks for directory entries. These entries are highlighted in color, allowing you efficient organization and quick access.

Here are your options:

  • Set a bookmark in the detail of the entry (top right).
  • Use the directory list (by swiping or hovering).
  • Use the widget (by longpress or hover) to display only the bookmarks of one user.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed import data handling, to send data in chunks due to API changes
  • In-App notifications have wrong supported devices orientation mask
  • Application layout is broken when app is started in landscape mode on a iPhone
  • Menu has wrong width when app is started in landscape mode
  • Content tranformation is not updated when user rotates device when menu is visible
  • Onboarding widget appears again after it was dismissed by the user
  • label/description ‘Visiblity’ toggle don’t work correctly and always show label when ‘Show map’ toggle is enabled
  • Different search results in global search
  • WebElement is not scrolling smoothly
  • calendar tab // directory widget is displayed in a larger size
  • Fix entering a project
  • Android // Chat Bottom Sheet Bug
  • Signing // Validity of newly created keystores is too low
  • Filter icon appears in directory details
  • swipe gesture is visible in the calendar list on tablet
  • The calendar details screen crashes on tablets when the orientation is changed
  • Show empty state when there are no entries in calendar list view
  • Directory Widget Design Issues
  • Improve the swipe gesture
  • directory bookmark // correct the text for empty state
  • Rearrangement order filters in calendar
  • Native & Web // Read confirmation checkbox UI
  • Refactor CalendarElement
  • Refactor NewsElement
  • display calendar entry time based on user’s local timezone
  • Fix padding for read confirmation text for notifications
  • Remove minimum width of snackbar on Tablet
  • Remove sentry mapping upload for review build type
  • Use key function to scope rows, columns and elements
  • Improve animations for items without empty state
  • Fix padding between Live indicator and event name
  • Social Feed Comments & Posts – Show date only after 24hours
  • Comment Bottom Sheet // Use same empty state as comment view
  • Fix for directory list, detail and widget layout
  • Fix for display calendar entry time based on user’s local timezone
  • Hide bookmark in directory-detail when not logged in
  • Improve read confirmation checkbox and localization
  • Replace deprecated moment with dayjs
  • Rework top-navigation and general-menu components
  • Integrate licence-checker
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