Polario Update 3.1

More calendar flexibility, teaser images and a flexible calendar widget await you!

We are excited to share the latest update 3.1 of Polario with you! The 3.1 update is packed with exciting new features around the calendar, including tabs, teaser images and widgets, as well as the usual bug fixes that further improve the user experience.

More content with calendar tabs

In version 3.0 we introduced calendar tabs, and now we’re taking it a step further! With the 3.1 update, you can add even more content to a tab in a calendar detail. This includes directories to have a clear overview of speakers and attendees, documents to have important information quickly at hand, and the ability to include HTML, CSS, and JS to display custom content or even your own web pages. This allows for greater flexibility and personalization for your events and communities!

Calendar teaser image

From now on, in addition to a livestream, you can also add a teaser image to the calendar to make your calendar entry thematically and visually appealing. Please note that you have to choose between a teaser image and a livestream, as only one of them is possible at the same time.

Calendar widget

The new Calendar widget is a slider that you can drop into News and Pages, giving you incredible flexibility. You can configure all events, filtered events (based on tags and/or a defined time period) or select the events manually. In addition, you can choose whether to display past, current or future events.

The CMS user can set an automatic slider function and turn on and off additional fields such as tags, locations, speakers or QR codes through checkboxes. This allows you to tailor the display of events to fit your exact needs!

Bug Fixes

  • Project folder of other projects are showing in folder drop-down which integrate media folder in tabs
  • Immutable SSO configurations
  • Provide label for create new directory dialogue
  • Dynamic directory // Label ‘Already used’ is out of the field
  • Dynamic directory // selected group is not saved
  • Tag search case sensitive
  • Wrong view model reference could cause app crash
  • Fixed performance issues in calendar
  • Chat messages are not marked as read
  • Speaker are not visible in calendar list
  • Social feeds are not filtered when linked in menu
  • App is crashing on opening push notification
  • Directory profile images are stretched out
  • Fix padding for ‘Day’ label of calendar entries with ‘Event details are available’ checkbox unselected from CMS
  • MigrationHelper // Version calculation is incorrect
  • App is crashing on opening directory entry detail
  • Android Pipeline // Fix push
  • Directory // Filter screen should be without search for tags if the user has not added any tags.
  • Color scheme // Colors are not loaded correctly on first install
  • Fix primary and secondary values for calendar entries list
  • UI Dark theme fixed
  • Fix to remove last directory-detail-item divider
  • Fix for Admin-Area not opening
  • Fix for logout from other devices
  • Align login view logic and behavior
  • Fix to clear projects in store on logout
  • Fix to allow login after first failed attempt
  • Fix for empty keywords in filter-sidebar
  • Update styles for directory and page maps and hide most map interactions
  • Fix to update notifications correctly
  • Fix design for news slider widget
  • Fix for not displaying keywords in calendar-detail sidebar
  • Fix for live indicator icon
  • Update localization keys for login and registration checkbox
  • Fix for calendar detail not showing all content
  • Fix for calendar detail position on big screens
  • Fix sentry errors (disabled for now, because of performance issues)
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