From the end of progressive web apps to native app strategy

Native apps as a core strategy: How our native app development becomes the key to success without the use of progressive web apps.
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In a notable development, Apple recently announced the end of support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). This decision has a fundamental impact on the development of mobile applications. Developers and companies must now realign their deployment strategies. While some industry players are looking for alternatives, plazz AG is already in a good position thanks to its core strategy with native app solutions.

What are progressive web apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a type of application that combines web and mobile app experiences. With PWAs, users can use applications directly in the web browser without having to install them from an app store. These apps load quickly and also work offline. They also adapt easily to all screen sizes and devices. They offer functions such as push notifications and access to device hardware that were traditionally reserved for native apps. Through these capabilities, PWAs create an app-like experience directly in the web browser, making them an attractive option for developers and businesses seeking a broader user reach without the limitations and costs of app store distribution.

Apple’s decision: A turning point for PWAs

Progressive web apps offered a tantalising bridge between web and mobile application experiences by combining the best aspects of both worlds. With the upcoming iOS 17.4 update, Apple is introducing a significant change in the EU: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) will no longer be permitted. This decision is based on security concerns, particularly in view of the fact that the new iOS version will give alternative browser engines access to the system. This could potentially open up security risks, for example if malicious PWAs steal data from other applications or gain unauthorised access to the user’s camera, microphone or location. At the same time, the EU Commission has forced Apple to authorise alternative app stores on the iPhone, which stimulates competition and promotes diversity in the app market. Paradoxically, this development could give PWAs new significance, despite their restriction to the home screen, as they represent an alternative distribution method for developers. The future of app development in the EU is therefore facing an exciting turning point, the effects of which on security, competition and app diversity have yet to be fully recognised.

iPhone Update iOS 17.4

plazz AG: One step ahead with native app solutions

plazz AG has focussed on native app solutions since the beginning of its development. This strategic decision has proven to be far-sighted, as they are not disadvantaged in any way by the end of PWAs. The native apps from plazz AG offer a range of benefits that are now more central than ever:

Optimum performance and user experience

Native apps are developed specifically for the operating system they run on, ensuring optimal performance and a smooth user experience. plazz AG has fully utilised this potential to create applications with Polario and the Mobile Event App that interact seamlessly with the device functions and hardware.

Inkometa Days Event App by Polario

Increased security

Direct integration into the platform allows native apps to benefit from the operating system’s comprehensive security functions. This is a key aspect that plazz AG takes into account when developing its solutions in order to ensure the protection of user data and application content.

Better adaptability and scalability

Native apps offer greater flexibility when customising to specific user requirements and device specifications. plazz AG uses this flexibility to offer customised solutions that can grow and develop with the needs of its customers.

My plazz App

Long-term support and development

The decision in favour of native app development ensures long-term support from platform providers such as Apple and Google. For plazz AG, this means the certainty that its applications will remain relevant and functional in the future.

Conclusion: plazz AG’s foresight pays off

Apple’s decision to discontinue support for PWAs may be a wake-up call for some, but for plazz AG it only confirms the far-sightedness of its original decision in favour of native app solutions. While the industry is adapting and looking for new solutions, plazz AG remains stable thanks to its in-depth experience and commitment to quality and innovation. This transition marks an important moment in the digital landscape, emphasising the importance of robust, user-centric and future-proof application solutions.

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