6 good reasons for an employee app

With these top 6 reasons, any business, large or small, should seriously consider implementing an employee app.

Reason 1: Killer Device Smartphone & Smartphone Users

Reach everyone with real-time communication. The problems of and with e-mails are now well known (spam filters, too many mails, etc.) more and more e-mails are becoming a thing of the past.

With an employee app, companies can reach their entire workforce easily, precisely, and in real time. Individual and group chats enable a direct exchange with managers or colleagues. Via the intuitive newsfeed, companies/departments, managers distribute relevant information to all employees in a targeted manner – regardless of location and language. This saves time and costs.

In normal operation, the solution is used as an employee app, when events are scheduled, it is used as an event app for internal and external events, and in the case of a crisis, it becomes a crisis app. Even this list could be extended by other areas of application of the solution depending on the company and size, such as onboarding app for new employees, apprentice app for the trainees and many more.

A good employee app is prepared for any situation. In regular operation, it informs and connects all employeeswith the company. In the event of a crisis, this app is then already installed on the employees’ smartphones and is then simply used in the company as a crisis communication platform. A familiar system is a great relief for editors in hectic times, but also for users.

This is exactly what distinguishes such a solution from traditional approaches of an intranet or even Slack, Teams and Co.

Reason 2: Cheaper than expected

Achieve a lot with a manageable budget – app does not mean expensive. Companies do not necessarily have to dig deep into their pockets to create their own employee app. With modular providers, so-called no-code Saas solutions such as Polario, companies can get their own app at a reasonable price, including maintenance and service, using ready-made modules.

An analogy to the prefabricated house comparison is quite appropriate. You benefit from the proven, but still remain individual and do not necessarily have to book your own architect and craftsman.

Reason 3: Up to the minute

Also important for employer branding – how modern am I as an employer? In order to retain employees in the long term and to be successful and innovative in the long term, a sense of belonging, employee motivation and transparent communication are essential. By giving your employees a voice, involving them in processes, and offering them a secure platform for feedback, you can achieve just that.

Reason 4: Fast & effective approach

By sending so-called push messages, all people receive relevant information directly on their display. Push messages not only inform, they also encourage interaction with the company app.

Reason 5: Brand building and innovation image

With an employee app in your corporate design, you not only create trust within the workforce, but also significantly influence identification with your company.

Through the “we have an app” effect, companies strengthen their brand and gain prestige. Employees need help with an IT problem? With the app, they can easily and conveniently submit a support request and send a photo of the error message at the same time. But also virtual consultation hours, be it with the works council, company doctor or the HR department.

Reason 6: Customize

Company-specific realizations such as working time recording, whistleblower system or further training measures can be implemented easily. An integration/adaptation of already existing IT systems, tools or HR processes is common. With our development team in Erfurt, we integrate these services directly into the employee app and seamlessly adapt to the internal structures of your company.

Use Case OTLG

The OTLG employee app, even replaces the long-standing intranet.

The OTLG Group with its 3,000 employees has been using the employee app solution from plazz AG since last fall. At the end of January this year, the desktop version of the employee app even replaced the long-standing intranet.

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